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I was working on a unified diagram from [PROJECT] – New DIAGRAM For 'Open Source Circular Economy'. Could be the basis to start the videos. explaining how a decentralized circular economy can be an agent of change improving the impact of the circular economy and solving the problems of linear economy.


the last draft of the diagram.

in the video that I am beginning to develop plan to show the transition from a linear economy to a circular one and what it implies to improve it to a circular economy based on open source


Some ideas. To explain the differences from linear to OSCE


also a link to the firs draft

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Hallo Ricardo,

thanks for doing this.
In my opinion hand drawings or at list line Diagramms are enough and kind of lighter to follow and get.


one of the test created to the theme

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Hey @RicardoRug , that is great! Looking forward to more.

I recorded videos on OSCE in the last weeks and they are finally out.

Video in :gb:

Video in :de:

(I have super short (30 sec) teaser I could upload if you think it could be useful.)


for download is here:


@RicardoRug we agreed, at our last BoST call, to use one of the upcoming BoST calls to work on and finish the animation video. Please let us know if April 23 or May 7 works for you and I’ll put it on the agenda as the only item to spend 90 minutes on. Thank you.

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this is a video test

and this is the script for this part of the video:

00:00:00 one opportunity we have for the resources that are not used can be illustrated by a creator,

00:00:08 who sees something more than waste in all this,

00:00:12 and thanks to his or her creative process,

00:00:14 these resources are transformed into useful elements for many people,

00:00:20 for that he or she prefers to transform them into open source products, so they can reach others,

00:00:27 who in turn take advantage of them and continue transforming the open source products into useful

00:00:32 and rapidly developing projects.

00:00:36 The most important aspect of these products, is that they are strengthened through sharing

00:00:44 thanks to groups of creators working together to improve them, take advantage of them,

00:00:49 and turn them into the vital basis of projects that can go further and

00:00:56 positively impact other communities, allowing them to adapt them to their particular needs,

00:01:03 taking advantage of the resources at hand, and sharing with everyone the knowledge

00:01:10 and information necessary to improve them day by day.

00:01:13 This way, an OSCE is created, based on the full and long lasting valorization of resources,

00:01:20 but also transforming knowledge as an even more valuable resource that is available to all,

00:01:28 generating networks of projects, creators, knowledge and exchange,

00:01:34 strengthening this new economy with each action that is taken.


see you today


I like the spirit of it. I think the English needs tightening up. It is also needing to mention circularity somewhere.

Reminder: comments and edits due by May 7. Thank you.

linear economy

circular economy close source

just need to put the audios.

PLEASE I expect criticism and know what you think.

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ok, you wanted suggestions on improvement (I prefer that to criticism):

video on linear economy:

  • the music is very light hearted, I don’t feel that light about the issue. I would choose something a bit more technical, less pleasant.
  • there should be a connection between the nature on the left and the grey boxes that go into the production
  • the yellow robots along the production line don’t do anything with the box, their purpose is not obvious. Maybe let them touch the boxes, or the boxes change a bit in passing them?
  • the boxes stay on one path as if production was only linear, maybe the yellow robots can take some of them and put them on the line behind them
  • the user at the end is invisible until the end, and they don’t do anything with the boxes, which is not true: using the products reduces recyclability. Maybe they should get deformed or break on the way down?
  • devaluation of knowledge and low input reprocessing: I don’t understand what you mean here
  • the user/ consumer should be an agent, something interacting with the boxes.

do a spellcheck:
inadequate use of raw materials
devaluation of knowledge
low input reprocessing

video on closed source CE

  • the wheel should put the garbage onto a belt that takes them past a robot that makes them into full boxes again, back to the production line
  • this line will end like before: things become garbage. Some garbage should be so broken that it doesn’t go back in the cycle, e.g. become a growing heap of small bits that the robot cannot pick up
  • not sure about the end: scarcity and inequality are not necessarily gone when you go Open Source because open access to knowledge doesn’t give you fair access to resources and doesn’t automatically redistribute power and reshape societal norms

spell check:
automization drives job loss
competition paradigm
consumption based economy
proprietary “closed” knowledge

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Hey Ricardo,
great work!
Regarding what to improve, I agree with Maike, however my first and most apparent things to change in my opinion would be

BOTH: spell checks

LINEAR: Music is too positive yet it shouldnt sound too negative either to suggest creator’s ‘unbiased’, factual view. / It should be depicted how resources at the end land in a dich/fire/grass (nature) to show they are not being properly recycled and are not again available for use for nature or industry after. / The text to the left could be in more contrast to the background, in some way. Maybe Illuminate white or white with black contour?

CIRCULAR: Text, see above / I had more of a problem understanding the economy concept with the animation here. I think the boxes coming down should land on the same big pile in the background. Otherwise people who watch might ask what the symbolic difference between the two piles (beside and behind the robot) is.

Cool animations by the way!


Yes, I agree: I like the design and flow of your videos in general. It’s so easy to overlook the things that don’t need improvement when you give feedback.

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defining linear economy
-The linear processes causes great destruction of natural resources
-In many cases, the industry makes an improper use and generates great waste of raw materials
-The user / consumer generates wear and in some cases the poor disposition of the products in disuse
-The highly competitive environment also helps increase environmental problems supported by the high use of new materials and low reuse of generated waste

defining closed source circular economy
-The circular processes seek to take advantage of the large amount of waste transforming them into useful materials
-The closed circular model continues to be part of the competitive paradigm, making it protective and closed with the knowledge generated
-Some of the materials can not be used by industry and end up being converted back into untapped waste
-A large part of the industry uses automation and closed knowledge to stand out from others generating job losses and low distribution of knowledge

defining open source circular economy
-The open circular model allows different “creators” to develop projects based on the use of this resources and share them with the world
-This allows groups of “creators” to improve the projects developed, enhancing their impact and expanding the scope
-Sharing knowledge allows other communities to benefit from and generate a new economy based on systemic development and improvement of projects

Music suggestions for LE: cheerful, accelerating, triumphal (like the trance-like state induced by LE, where we are cheerleeded towards “falling off the cliff” ever faster and louder)

Carl Maria von Weber -The Dance
Gioacchino Rossini - La gazza ladra
Ravel - Bolero

Joseph Haydn - Symphony no. 94 ("Surprise) 2nd movement

Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 21 2nd movement

final version
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Super, thank you Ricardo and all. Let’s run with it! :biking_woman::biking_man:

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