TOUR: Invitation to visit a waste disposal facility in Berlin 11th June

Veolia invites participants of OSCEdays to visit a waste disposal plant in Berlin on Thursday 11th June, 3 p.m. at Kanalstr. 85, 12357 Berlin. This gives you the opportunity to get a concrete insight of the waste treatment activities before discussion waste management 2.0 challenges the next day. The number of participants is limited to 15 people. Please reply to this message if you want to join us! Looking forward meeting you.


@Sylke: sounds great! I am very interested to join. Do you know whether Veolia is also involved in any textile related activities here in Berlin?

@Sophia: Thanks for being interested. Veolia has no relevant textile related activities in Berlin, next region would be Brandenburg or Saxony.

Dear @Sylke, thanks for your reply! Do you know what kind of textile related activities Veolia is involved in Brandenburg or Saxony? Could it be interesting if someone from Veolia participates in the Circular Textile Challenge and do you think there might be somebody from Veolia interested to join?

I’d love to come, how long will it take? I need to be back for the film screening in the evening.

Hi, thank you for being interested, the visit will take about one hour.
But it is quite outside, you’ll need at least one hour for coming back to Berlin city.
May we count on you nevertheless?

Hi Sophia, you are right, it would be great, but I’m afraid for this time I wont be able to motivate someone from the operative team to join us for the Circular Textile Challenge. We will start with our Rain Water Challenge and a broader approach on Zero Waste and hopefully go ahead next year.

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Yes, please count me in. I managed to time my own event accordingly.

I would also like to join!

Hi, i will be there as well!

I’m in too, can’t wait!

I would like to take part. Cheers . Romain

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i’ll take part as well, thank you for the reminder.

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can I bring another person along (he’s applied for a ticket: Anders)?

sorry, that was doubled… my mistake

hello everyone, I am interested too! I’d like to join the tour

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@Alice_audrey is coming too.

@transitionmaike Anders should have his ok by now. So of course he can come to the tour.

Hi, I would like to join the tour.

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Thank you for your invitation, I’m in as well.

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