[TEAM] Challenge & Participants Curating (Community Management) Team

This is the challenge and participants organizing and curating team for the Berlin event June 2015.

#Who We Are?
Contributors to the challenge curating team:
@Lars2i @Justine @Alice_audrey @sophia @cameralibre @matthias @Anna_Perrottet @Ina +You - we are happy if you want to join the team. Just ping us in this thread. If you are in Berlin you might join one of our meetings, they will be announced in the Berlin READ ME

#Important Links for the Team

###CALL for Participants & application form
Here people can apply for their ticket to the OSCEdays. (There is Space for 150 people per day in Agora.)

###CALL for ChallengeĀ®s & application form
Call & form for challengers that want to apply/suggest a challenge for the OSCEdays Berlin.

###DATA: Participants & Challengers Application Data Collection & Welcome Procedure -
How do we collect the data of incoming applications, make decisions and welcome new participants and challengers. Keeping track!

###Participants WELCOME / WILLKOMMEN Mail

feel free to join in and contribute

[TASK] Spread the Call for ChallengeĀ®s & Find & Engage ChallengeĀ®s - find and engage interesting challenges and challengers.

[TASK] Spread the OSCEdays Call for Participants - search for interesting people and get them to apply to become a part of the OSCEdays.

###Resovled Tasks

[TASK, resolved] Translate the Call for Participants and the Call for challengers to german.


Alice: Do we need a sub-group of facilitators to make sure people engage in interdiciplinary discourses? (Asked in meeting 1)

Hi Challenge curating team.

I created a form for participants to apply and a text about it. Have a look. If you have suggestions how to make it better, please post them here in this discussion.

I will give access to the results of form to all challenge curating team members.


It would be great to have a german translation of that (as well as of the challenger application text - i will publish as a draft soon). Someone keen to do it? @transitionmica can you make it?

To the task.

Update: Resolved. Thank you @transitionmica


i created also a form to apply with challenges and a text about it. Have a look. If you have sugestions how to make it better, please post them here.

All members of the challenge curating team will have access to the incoming applications. (Btw. Ping me in this thread if you like to join the team.)

I think it would be very good to have a german translation of the call for challenges too! Someone likes to do it? To the task

Update: Resolved. Thank you @transitionmica

Hi Challenge Curating Team,

i updated the ā€žFinding Challengers TASKā€œ. There is a new Doc in Own-Cloud now to collect ideas for challenges and challenger. Please add.

Note: The Doc in Own-Cloud is just for collecting ideas. Confirmed challenges should go through the form or directly to our spreadsheet document (compare Participants & Application Form Data)

To the


Everyone willing to contribute to the task is most welcome :sunny:

@Alice_audrey @cameralibre + you

When deciding on the challenges you should have in mind which rooms we have and how many people fit in. Some will not need much space but others might be more diffcult to host. Also keep in mind how much money we need to provide the necessary equipment for any challenge.
Other from that: enough wise words, I trust you completely to do a great job! Thanks for doing this!

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