[TASK] Spread the Call for Participants for Berlin

(Task is part of the challenge curating team Berlin)

##Spread the call for participants

The Call for Participants is published and open. Lets spread it!

1 Social Networks

Post it in social networks, mailinglists etc.

###2 Contact people directly/send the call out
Send it to people directly, friends, colleagues or others. Target groups are: „scientists, students, engineers, a makers, policy makers, a businessman/woman, artists, hackers, environmentalists, grassroots activists or just curious persons“

All kinds of open minded, interessted and interessting people!

Ask them:
(1) To spread the call in their networks

(2) and apply themselves

###3 Use Old School-Paper
You could print the call – directly from your browser/as PDF export – and pin it to the wall in your workplace, workshop, university etc.

Lets get the word out! :slight_smile:

#The Call

for people to send the call to - gained in the Meeting on May 7
feel free to add

Design Thinking School ( @Ina ?)
Think Farm ( ? )
Industrial Design UDK, HTW, Potsdam, Weißensee ( @Lars2i)
Sustainability Drinks – Betahaus ( @MartinaSkender)
Pavlik Elf – to spread it ( @cameralibre)
Universities for Sustainability, Qualitymanagement … ?
Esmut (?)
Max Plank Institute Potsdam & Berlin ( matthias)
University of Lüneburg ( @Hanne)
Repair Cafes (?)

I send an invitation to life e.v. and its network of partners - they organise an event for the plastic bag free day and are all enthusiastic for circular economy

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The TU Berlin section of Urban Water Management is also informed.

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Is anyone attending the presentation/ discussion tomorrow on the EUREF campus?:

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but as M. Braungart will be one of the speakers, this could be an opportunity to meet potentially interested people. And people from Cicero.
@Sylke @Lars2i @Anna_Perrottet @MartinaSkender

I’m in contact with HTW, trying to get some notice into the general students’ mailing list.

My list:
Transition Berlin-Brandenburg-Network
UfU e.V.
Repair Cafés
OuiShare, fairleihen, Umsonstläden… other sharing activists
Commons Institute/ network
KunstStoffe, Material Mafia
Carla (super networker in Berlin @ Lakunabi )

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Dear all
to everybody who has sent out the call for participants:
a) it would be nice to have an overview whom it has been sent to, and to know who could maybe still be invited last minute
b)all who have got personalized call for participant emails from you, are an ideal target group to receive the press releases from the communications team.

So you could do us an incredible huge favor and make spreading the news easier, if you would all enter the addresses that you’ve sent the call to into the big magic google doc. This should happen as soon as possible, but the very latest until 3rd of June.

please send me a message with you e-mail address, and I will invite you to the doc.

Thank you!!!

@Lars2i @MartinaSkender @JuliaP @Ina @sophia @Frans @FransPrins @Sylke @transitionmica @cameralibre @Alice_audrey

Please send us the link to your doc, thanks


Hi @Anna_Perrottet My email is: mskender@gmail.com
Sorry I will not come to the meeting tonight, I am out of Berlin again!