Call for OSCEdays Berlin Participants (Tickets)

#Call for OSCEdays Berlin Participants (Tickets)

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The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is a global event on Open Source for a zero waste Circular Economy. This is the call for participants for the local event in Berlin from June 11 to 15.

The Call for Challengers you can find here.

##Become a participant

Are you

  • a scientist, a student, an engineer, a maker, a policy maker, a businessman/woman, an artist, a hacker, an environmentalist or grassroots activist or just a curious person?
  • interested to work in interdisciplinary teams on diverse challenges exploring the possibilities of an Open Source driven Circular Economy for some days?
  • willing to engage with a local community of 150 people and a global community spread across the globe in diverse discussions, prototyping-sessions, documentation, implementation or other experimental actions?
  • open minded, willing to share, to learn and to invent with us new ways for a collaborative and truly sustainable future?

Then you are very welcome to join our OSCEdays Berlin event!

##Apply for your ticket

The tickets for the OSCEdays Berlin event are free of charge but the number is limited because of limited space and therefore people have to apply for tickets. Please click on the following link to fill out your application form:

#-> Apply Here

Collaborate in a local and global community unlocking new ideas and pathways for our future

We’ll check all the applications. It is our goal to create a diverse and productive community. We’ll inform you about your proposal as quickly as we can. But the best way to make sure to get a ticket is to sign up to this forum and start contributing here already.

Do you have more questions about the event, its ideas and goals? Please check the global event website and the Berlin subpage and Berlin category here in the forum. If you still have questions left after that, please post them in this thread.

###Want to propose a challenge?

Could you be interested in bringing a challenge to the OSCEdays? Propose your challenge and join the discussion.

hope to see you soon

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Hello, we are asking ourselves if we already have a first overview on the participants of each challenge? Sustainability drinks next Thursday will give us some more visibility, but what other actions should we undertake to attract more participants? Our challenge now is to find at hundred people within the next two weeks! :wink: