[Meeting, May 7] OSCEdays Berlin Organisation


the next OSCEdays meeting will be next Thursday May 7, 7pm at Agora.

The meeting is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the OSCEdays or join in. Curious? Thinking about getting involved? The Berlin READ ME is a good place to start.


###1 - Say Hi

###2 - Challenge & Participants Curating Team
2.1 Call for Challenges
2.1.1 Spread it in channels! What Channels? And Who is doing it?
2.1.2 Send it to Challenger directly – List with ideas. Who is sending it?

2.2 Call for Participants
2.1.1 Spread it in channels! What Channels? And Who is doing it?
2.1.2 Send it to Challenger directly – List with ideas. Who is sending it.

###3 - Communications Team
We need communications. Who is in the team? What to do? Let’s come up with some clear tasks.

4 - The Circular Textile Challenge

by @ frans & @ sophia

See you there!

#People Ping
@transitionmica @Alice_audrey @sophia @Frans @Ina @Anna_Perrottet @Justine @cameralibre @eliana @MartinaSkender +

7pm at Agora, Mittelweg 50, Neukölln
1st floor, the small room in the back
call 0176 218 65 009

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(forum allows only to ping 10 people in one post, so here a few more:)

@Marcela_Donato @kunji @matthias @CarolinePaulickThiel @keikreutler @MiriamR @simonlee

I´ll be there. See you on Thursday!

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##1 – Say Hi
We were 13 people including
@sophia @cameralibre @matthias @Ina @Anna_Perrottet @Hanne @Lars2i @Justine + 4 new people from Ouishare

##2 – Challenge & Participants Curating Team

###2.1 Call for Challenges


Next to this: Some Ideas for insitutions on top of this ideas (and who will contact them)

Circle Economy ( Sophia)
Cradle to Cradle Verein ( Anna)
Center of Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal. ( Sophia)
BSR ( Lars2i)
Starting House H&M ( Hanne)
I:CO – I collect ( Hanne)
Research Gate / Peer Library ( Matthias)
Launch Nordic – Copenhage Network (10 Innovators +) ( Ina)
TU Berlin – Rainwater Research ( Justine)
Ecology Institute Berlin / Öko Institut e.V. ( Lars2i)
Meet-Ups - Check the Meetup Platform and spread the call in fitting groups (cameralibre)
Interface (?)
Impact Hub – ( Anna )
Start Up List Berlin – Check the start up list Berlin and send the call to the right people ( matthias)
iöw (anna)

###2.2 Call for Participants
EVERYONE WILL SPREAD THE CALL - in social media etc.

Plus: Ideas for institutions to send the call to (and who will do it)

Design Thinking School ( Anna)
Think Farm ( ? )
Industrial Design UDK, HTW, Potsdam, Weißensee ( Lars2i)
Sustainability Drinks – Betahaus ( @MartinaSkender)
Pavlik Elf – to spread it ( cameralibre)
Universities for Sustainability, Qualitymanagement … ?
Esmut (?)
Max Plank Institute Potsdam & Berlin ( matthias)
University of Lüneburg ( Hanne)
Repair Cafes (?)

##3 Communications Team
Anna and Lars will start to build this team and do the work. Everyone is invited to join the task. Ping us here.

##4 Circular Textile Challenges

##5 Documentation Team
We also had a discussion about the global and local documentation of the challenges. Some notes were taken. You can read them here.

@Lars2i, would be cool if there would be a way to edit the protocol. best, anna

@Anna_Perrottet Should work now. I transformed it into a wiki.

  • Ah, but if you want to fill in new addresses for challengers or participants. it is probably better to do it under the tasks

TASK Participants
TASK Challengers

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