Headlines for the Form for Documentation

This is the protocol of an discussion between @cameralibre @matthias @Justine @Lars2i May 7 in Berlin.

Idea: to provide an etherpad and ask participants to live capture the outcomes. Provide them headlines/questions.


  • Title
  • Name of Participants
  • Quotations

Matthias has a long list: Materials, Stakeholders, Future timeline, - he will post it in the comments.

Have a lot of questions/headlines - that also inspire new thoughts on the challenge - but make them optional! - but 4 or 5 mandatory, to grasp the main things. What are the main things? And what are good optional questions?

I have emailed Pierre to ask about installing Etherpad - I will update soon.

UPDATE: OK, Pierre will have time at the end of May to test and implement Etherpad on our servers (It won’t cost us any more money). In the meantime, we can play around and try some test documentation on an existing instance of etherpad to get used to it:

Here is a (probably not complete) list of headlines: Not all of them need to apply to a given challenge.

  • Key question
  • Unique selling point (USP) / idea
  • background
  • team
  • Competencies
  • Cooperation
  • Technologies & tools
  • Target groups
  • Customer / services
  • Major players
  • Methods
  • Goals
  • Measurable Objectives
  • Success criteria
  • Milestones
  • Budget
  • Business model
  • Scalability
  • Related projects