[TASK] Participants & Challenges Data Management

[Participants and Challenge Curating Team Document. There are links to internal documents in it.]

The application forms for participants and for challenge®s are set up. This is how to collect the data and keep an overview.


The participants applications go now through a Lime Survey. Team members, please ask Sam @cameralibre for access to the surveys.

The data should be copied to this DOCUMENT. Here we keep track and an overview over the numbers.

Applicants have to say on what days they want to attend. When copying the data form the survey to the document add „0“ to the days, they want to attend and when they get their o.k. make a „1“ out of that „0“. So we can see how many are joining on what days.

Send to all the participants that get a ticket THIS WELCOME EMAIL.

The application form used to be at this wordpress page going to an email account – oscedaysberlin@web.de. All the applications from that email account are already in the document. If you need access to the applications in that account, ask @Lars2i.


Most challenges come to us via friends but there is also the possibility to apply formally with a challenge. This application go through a wordpress page and arrive at the email account oscedaysberlin@web.de. Procedure right now is: When the challenge is not to big (to many people, to many noise or whatever) and fits into the OSCEdays focus, challengers get imediately their ok. Bigger or complicated challenges will be discussed by the Team first. But no such challenge has arrived yet.

ping @Justine @sophia @cameralibre @Alice_audrey

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Thanks, great, @Lars2i! I started to add textile organizers/participants/challengers. How many textile people can we bring in? Is 50 per day ok? Should we add a column for “organization/company”?

Hi, yes of course. Write 50 but if you need more, let’s see. There should be room.

Good idea with the “Organization/Company” column. Try to add it asap.

Hi @Lars2i,
could/should we ask applicants to indicate what kind of challenge they are interested in when they apply? Do we want that applicants can easily move from one challenge to another or do we want that they have to decide in which challenge(s) they want to participate?

I guess, there is already a question, where people can tell us, on what challenge they intend to work. It is not mandatory since there were not so many challenges when the form was created and i think it should stay that way.

I think it is good, to allow simple moving between challenges. Do you think different?

I currently do not know who wants to participate in which challenge. Thus it is a bit difficult to estimate the number of participants per challenge and to define the exact challenge (because certain challenges need a certain level/quality of knowhow).
If people can move from one challenge to another too easily, it might be a bit difficult to really work on a challenge without explaining everything from the beginning again and again. But maybe we can select one person from each challenge (the ambassador of the challenge) who explains the challenge to “newcomers”.

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Should we define a deadline until when participants can apply or do you want to keep it open until the event? I feel that it would be really good to know at least 1-2 week in advance who wants to participate in which challenge…

data management structure is updated and so is the TASK-topic above.

Hi all,
@Lars2i @sophia @cameralibre

How do we know that one us has already sent a Ticket to the attendees?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Justine,
when you add them to the Google Document and set a “1” for the days, they want to come, we’ll all know that someone already has sent them an ok. Does this work for you?

I think noone that applied via the Lime Survey Form has got an OK yet.

Hi @Lars2i, @cameralibre, @Alice_audrey,

I think it would be really good to send a REMINDER to all the applicants of the OSCEdays in Berlin today in the afternoon! And also tell them that it starts tomorrow at 10am sharp (door open at 9.30?).