Should we reach out to the global community to get help with setting up the mentorship program


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I get a lot of sad faces when I tell the people that we will not have a mentorship program due to lack of resources.

How about we push an open call to the community. Maybe we find someone that is willing to do it? Let’s discuss it in the next BoST-Call - or below in the comments.

I created a first draft for a possible call. Have a look:

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#Call for OSCEdays 2016 Mentorship Program Organizers

Hi, the global OSCEdays are growing quickly but we still have very little resources but a lot of great ideas.

One of the ideas is to have a global mentorship program in the event for 2016. Experts from different fields could be invited to make themselve available to the community during the event and answer all kinds of questions they might have.

There is a full workflow fledged out how to onboard mentors and include them into the event. But we lack the operational resources to do it! So we invite volunteers to do this with us – set up and coordinate the global OSCEdays mentorship program!


  • You have a reason to reach out to all kinds of experts in Circular Economy, Open Source and various other fields! The expected reply rate is very good – tests have proven it. Your personal network can benefit from that a lot.

  • You become a part of the global OSCEdays organizing and coordinating team. Also good networking and learning opportunities!

  • You can learn a lot about some technologies like Wordpress, Hangouts and our Forum (all no rocket sience!) and Circular Economy and Open Source practices – from the mentors and OSCEdays community.

  • A place to creatively express yourself. Because you do not follow just instructions. You are invited to invent the whole mentorship program if you like to :slight_smile:

##Tasks & Expectations

The task can be a bit time consuming. But you can decide to have a small mentorship program – 5 mentors. This is absolutely doable.

If you are ‘regulary’ smart I think you’ll need 5 hours to understand all the technology you will use. Onboarding per mentor probably 2 hours. After a while this will be less. To be sure you should add another 5 hours of unexpected work. And you are good to go.

Study the the fledged out mentorship onboarding process [LINK] – you can adapt it to your needs and ideas.

Expectation is that you are reliable – once you open up a string of conversation with an expert follow up. You are the face of the OSCEdays to them. But we are a young organisations and mistakes will be excused. So you don’t have to be super perfect!

Interested? Leave a note below in the comments or write an email to Lars:


Update: In the BoST Call from April 11 @JayKay said he will take care of the program. So no need for a public call.

But I guess still, if there someone finding this and willing to help Johnny he would be happy.