Regular COMMUNITY CALLS - OSCEdays15, Schedule

Hey everyone !

We are on the final stretch!

Just less than one month before the official start of the OSCEdays!

We’re super excited and still amazed by how much energy everyone is putting in and how we’ve all connected through sharing a vision for an Open Source Circular Economy. Thanks all for making it happen. 34 cities!!! wooooow!

Now that we are all more or less in a rush to finalize our event or just start planning it, it’s definitely time to check in on each other and plan things together to make the OSCEdays more than an event but a truly collaborative movement.

Support, coordination and building a culture and environment of positive openness is the key for a successful and a sustainable whatever great thing we are co-building. Before getting too serious, it is also the opportunity to get to know each other and connect - a little bit less virtually. Not to sound too tyrannical, this call is highly recommended, don’t be shy.

So what’s this call about?:

  • Catching up for some us, getting to know each other for most people
  • Presentation of the different tools and “guidelines” for challenges, documentation and collaboration
  • Each organizer to share their program or initial ideas
  • An initial opportunity to identify possible shared areas of interest, similar challenge areas that cooperation could be built around further
  • Question & Answer

As we have a lot of teams now and loads of timezones, we will need at least 4 or 5 calls, so we will plan different schedules and you can register directly on this topic - if you can register on more than one option, do it.

We will be using google hangout so please set up your account before. Here a tutorial on how to do it =>
And if you know an open source alternative let us know :smile:

For non-organizers - participants or just curious - you can follow the call, but until we find a better open source solution to google hangout we have limited space, so please follow the streaming link to ensure there are places free for local organizers.

All links will be sent here 15min before the call and will also appear at the OSCEdays G+ Wall. Be ready. Yipppi.

Sunday 17th May - 12 pm CEST

Tuesday 19th May - 9 am CEST

Thursday 21th May - 12 pm CEST Missed the call? Here are the notes
Erica @TechnicalNature (London)
@Fitria & @Saskia_Verbunt & Anand (Eindhoven)
@Silvia (Indianapolis)

Sunday 24th May - 7.30 pm CEST
Erica @TechnicalNature (London)
Sam @cameralibre (Berlin)

Tuesday 26th May - 12 pm CEST
Erica @TechnicalNature (London)
Sharon @sharmarval
@hazem (Cairo)

Thursday 28th May - 7.30 pm CEST
Tim @unteem
Erica @TechnicalNature (London)
@Silvia (Indianapolis)
@Johnny_Kerkhof (Nijmegen)
@Gien (Cape Town/ Johannesburg)

Sunday 31st May - 4 pm CEST


Thursday 4th June 10am CEST - Was online but no joiners - ping me if arrive later and can set-up again. Erica

Erica @TechnicalNature (London)
@llinkola (Helsinki)

Sunday 7th June 7pm CEST -

Don’t forget!

Global coordinators are also here to answer your questions at any time - we’re trying to grow the team too and thanks to all of you it’s happening. We can also schedule a more spontaneous call if needed. You can also reach us (and others) via Twitter .@OSCEdays or #OSCEdays, or alternatively in the Facebook group

We are also planning other calls and trainings to help you organize your event and focus on some more specific matters. We’ll keep everyone updated!

  • Community Call - Shake it up - how to facilitate a workshop
  • Community Call - Put it down - Documentation

The OSCEdays core team - @sharmarval @TechnicalNature @Alice_audrey @Lars2i @cameralibre … is here to help.

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How can I register for the regular community call?
I would like to join the call on the 21st of May at 12:00 with my team members.
I understood that the regular community call will take place via Google Hangout.
However, I cannot see the link that you provided to set up my account.
Kindly advise?

Thank you!

With kind regards,

Fitria Jelyta
Communications of Circular Economy Program
Philips Healthcare
Best, The Netherlands

Hi @Fitria - I’ll ping Tim @unteem who’s the Hang-out master :slight_smile: but I’ve added a link above in the meantime that should help. Ultimately to be able to interact/ take-part I think you need a google account (think I’ve seen Philips are now using this as well sometimes for broadcasting talks). I’ll add your name to the 21st with team.

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Hi @Fitria here is a link that explains how to use google hangout
It is quite basic, you just need a google account and install a plugin. I will then send you the link to join the hangout.

See you tomorrow :wink:

Thank you! I think I managed to install it. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim,

Please send me the Google Hangout link for tomorrow. I have an account and know how to use it.

Merci, Silvia

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hello, just leaving a note that I am attending tomorrow’s call with another one from cairo hackerspace.
see you tomorrow

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See you there then. @hazem did not know you are in the Cairo team, nice to see you here. BTW you can directly edit the post as it its a wiki and add your name

Link for todays community call updated. Click on Tuesday 26th :wink:

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Hi Tim,

I would like to attend the call on Thursday, May 28th. If you will update the link on Thursday before the call, no need to answer. If not, please e–mail me the link.

Merci, Silvia

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@sharmarval @TechnicalNature @Lars2i @cameralibre @Alice_audrey @lauren and everyone else. Can you guys make it tomorrow for the community call?
Could be a nice opportunity to also have a debrief together in the same time

Afraid not, we have a Meeting here in Berlin tomorrow (that counts out @Lars2i @cameralibre @Alice_audrey :frowning: )

Ok no worries; so let’s try during the call on Sunday if that’s ok for you. I need to hear your voices, I miss you!!! :smile:


I miss you too! Sadly can’t do Sunday unless it’s early 10am or very late 10pm…I’ll be travelling most of the day. But I see the schedule is already set, so maybe I can speak to you all another day pre-event.

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Hey Guys, during the calls, please remember the people to announce a local media person and made that person to get in touch with me for their live-streamed-interview during the days.

Hi @unteem!
I was about to connect this evening at 7:30 pm, but is going to be impossible cause we have a OSCEdays meeting at the same time but in a place where there is no good internet connection. I guess we are going to leave the call for the last day next Sunday 31st at 4 pm. We have google account so we will wait for the link!
See you on sunday!

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hey is the next call in an hour? what’s the hangout or skype address?

Link coming I’m a bit late :s

Here you go link here =>

ping @Gien

Hey @Lars2i @Jaime maybe we should plan some community calls again to try and create a space for the community to connect and get things energised.

Also, I was looking at all the various city pages on the forum and actually very few of them are used apart from the very very active cities. I wonder if we did a community call on the Forum could that help? :slightly_smiling:

I could also benefit from this :wink:

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