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A wiki to keep track of some of the discussions, questions and actions from the community calls.
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Thursday 21st May 12pm CEST

Hosted by: Erica @technicalnature (Global & London team)
Attended by: @Fitria @Saskia_Verbunt & Anand Eindhoven & @Silvia (Indiannapollis) Manufacturing engineer, sustainability

Discussions on overall event and the move towards open source where many of the innovations will be developed, kick starting a global conversation on this major changes in thinking, business models etc

Challenges/ Events focused around building knowledge around the subject/s as open source and circular economy are newer terms and mindsets for many, understanding what the opportunities are and their contribution.

We’re all still setting-up and getting our events more detailed,finding and connecting to the right people and understanding what challenges might be. Example can be found here and a summary of the London one’s.


@TechnicalNature to ask @Lars2i to create an Eindhoven city group in the cites on the platform

Some guidance on challenges here and also can check out the challenges tab where countries are beginning to post there’s alongside ideas on their website pages.

.@Eindhoven to share their initial draft challenge thoughts and direction - like an email first with Lars, Sam, Erica, Sharon, can also include @Silvia - can support on where might be most useful to focus- will then be able to upload on platform to connect further.

.@Eindhoven to look at live streaming possibilities that they may have of their talk and discussions - as with some of the speakers it could be nice to share.

All to think and share communication ideas and coordinated PR - Erica @TechnicalNature to update this and share the discussion on this.
.@Eindhoven will also look at combining forces with the other Netherlands organisers for shared communications - can set-up a topic in the forum as well as email the local organisers directly.
@Silvia recommended to contact engineers magazine

Follow up links- ideas for further documentation (initial outline/ discussion here) - as well as this it is about planning the next -steps and directions to go or connections that need to be made. Videos and pictures are also great as we’d like to make a combined report, analysis and video of the days.

One suggestion for the Philips team is to discuss the challenge of open source to the IP model and corporate R&D in general. Tesla is a good benchmark:

Check out their Tilburg, NL facility, maybe you can get some participants to your events.

I just read about Kering’s release of its Environmental P&L and its open sourcing of their work. It might be valuable for the textile challenges or CE performance measurement and reporting.

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Thanks @Silvia super great inputs and connections - would be great to get some insight from Tesla, even a blog or something. Might see if can contact as well more generally.

Hi @Fitria & @Saskia_Verbunt - Einhoven category is created now. Sorry forgot that.

About the live streaming. Interestingly @Gien from South Africa is also organizing several live-stream-talks with famous speakers from all over the world. We have a global reporting plan here: - Maybe you can plug your streaming also in to that schedule an so we will have a permanent OSCEdays live-stream in the end?

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@Silvia, good idea to approach Tesla indeed! In Philips we are also busy with exploring the EP&L so also the Kering suggestion is worth checking. Thanks for your feedback.
@Lars2i, Eindhoven will speed up this week:-)