Registration options on the main website and local subdomains

I want to add an option for registration on the London subdomain.

At the moment we have no way for people to keep up to-date with OSCEdays apart from joining the community. It makes sense to add this, as some people won’t want to join the community yet, but may want to stay informed…and we can’t keep in touch with them. Ideally we’d add this before the communications push in the next few weeks.

Should we add a subscribe to mailing list option on the main website?

@cameralibre @unteem @Lars2i do you know is it possible to do something similar/a pre-register option on the sub-domains, without installing a plug-in for a form? I can’t see anything that has this functionality on the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode toolbar.

@cameralibre installed and tested already successfully a plugin for a form i think. See first comment of cameralibre here: Ticket procedure – What questions to ask participants

So i guess it should work. Maybe he can give more advise.

Yes, we can use the survey plugin to create a form to collect email addresses for a mailing list. This is an ok solution for the short/mid term, but if the numbers of subscribers grow (a good problem to have) then a more automated process might be better.

I imagine that to start off, I will be manually copy/pasting email addresses to a document, though of course I could just apply an email filter and write a script to extract the addresses from these emails.

Deadly. Would we be able to install this plug-in at a subdomain level also? I know that too many plug-ins can cause instability, so a bit cautious.

The question is how to catch people as they hit the site (main and local). We could re-direct to the forum and announce ticket launches from here, but that wouldn’t account for those notionally interested folk, supporters and partners that don’t want to be on the forum…but want to be kept updated.

We could use the mailing lists for some of the ideas myself and @TechnicalNature have been discussing for the post event comms too.

Discourse kind of act as a mailing list and can even be better :slight_smile: There is a plugin for single sign on for discourse and wordpress. People can register either on discourse or wordpress and as they can be informed on what is going on by receiving updates on the discussions on discourse.

yes I think it should be fine - rather than installing the plugin on a subdomain, you would create a new survey, called, for example ‘Join the London Mailing List’ and then paste the shortlink for the survey on your London subpage. It’s important that the name of the survey is specific and says what the survey is for, because the text of the email that I receive is:

A survey on your site named Join the OSCEdays! has been completed

Reply to What is your name?:
Joseph Ratzinger

Reply to What is your background or field of interest?:
Ex-pope, ecclesiastical matters

Reply to What is your motivation to join an event about Open Source & Circular Economy? :
these days I have plenty of time on my hands

Reply to What skills do you want to bring in? Do you have already something in mind a challenge or idea you want to work on? Is there something you want to learn? :
multiple languages, experience in powerful organisations, wearing of tall hats. Experience with MS Excel and infallibility.

Reply to How long do you plan to stay and on what days? (We expect you to stay at least 2 full days, preferably more. Exceptions can be made.) :
Until death, obviously*.

*Well, I might bow out early.

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Will give the survey option a go for now. Was chatting to @TechnicalNature and maybe we can change to a different option at a later date, depending on what’s needed for the global communications…

PS Always pleased to be reminded of the flamboyant tailoring and fancy hats that so well adorn His holiness.

@cameralibre @unteem this is something I meant to ask you about in London. If one of you have a bit of time to go through this that would be great.