[README] Everything you need to know about the OSCE Days Vienna

A starter for everyone. Die deutsche Version findest du hier

We are happy to organize the osce days this year. This being the first post, we thought it may be necessary to give you all a little heads up. If you feel reminded of the first post in “Berlin”: Yes, I copied the text, but copying is not wrong, it’s what resource sharing is here for.

What the hack?

As you may have heard, the osce days are a hackaton. A hackaton is a workshop where you work on specific goals rather than getting educated. At osce, we call those workshops challenges, because it sounds fun and reminds us that we need to challenge society to make circular economy happen. The Viennese osce days will take part on 12th and 13th of June. Look at the Challenge List to find a challenge you’d like to work on.

Submit my own challenge

You looked at the Challenge List but didn’t find anything you want to work on? Submit your own Challenge. Just start a new Topic and name it [CHALLENGE] Your Challenge Name. Please don’t forget to bring your own tools. If you don’t have them, use the Zeug / Stuff Topic.

I just wanna talk

Talking is great and there will be opportunity to do so at the OSCE days. If you have something to say in regards to circular economy, be it waste management, open source life cycle management or anything that comes to your mind, let us know.

Who we are

We are @aykit , a small organisation fighting for net neutrality, free software and everything in between.

@maltefiala is the one writing this post
Sebastian Pichelhofer isn’t writing this post but is a cool guy anyways
Floor Drees is working for Sektor5, a great co-working space allowing us to do those days at their place.

& You ? Because we are happy to welcome you on board :).

How to help us organizing

1 - The first thing to do is sign up to this forum and study the Vienna category. See what is going on already. This will give you a good start. Also read about "What the Vienna Event will look like“ below.

2 - Join a Team! The organization of the Viennese event is managed by different Teams focussing on specific tasks. Each team has a subtopic in the forum. There you can join this teams. Start to contribute to them as you see fit. This is the best way to introduce yourself and your motivations to the team.

3 - Attend a meeting. There will be upcoming meetings here in Vienna. See the Meetings topic to find out where and when meetings are taking place.

Teams & Tasks

The organization of the OSCEdays in Vienna is devided into 3 teams. Click on the links to see how to join the teams:

[ORGA] Kommunikation / Communications
Announcing the event, organize the press conference etc.

[ORGA] Sponsoring
We are not looking for sponsors, but if you really want to give us something, here is your place to let us know.

[ORGA] Dokumentation / Documentation
Document the event. Video, photography, audio, text, every medium is welcome.

[ORGA] Treffen / Meetings
Dates when to meet us in person. A good opportunity to talk Tacheles beforehand.

[ORGA] Zeug / Stuff
You have a 3D-Printer, a camera, anything else that could be useful. Let us know here.

Facts, Facts, Facts

The Viennese event will be on two full days, Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13.

It will take place in Sektor5, run by the very helpful Floor Drees.Come as you are.

Just to make it clear: No tickets, entrance free of charge.


We plan on having a press conference at the beginning and at the end of the event. Help to organize it here


Do you have questions or suggestions for the Viennese event? Take a look around in the Vienna category and if you can’t find the answer, feel free to post.