README: Building OSCEdays 2018

This is the Overview topic for everyone who wants to see how OSCEdays 2018 is made and how to contribute to it. Wanna help? Scroll down and start to work. | Global date is JUNE 1-11, 2018 (as agreed here)





###Feel free to pick one

  • Spread the Call for Cities & Call for Solutions according to the plan in the communications overview | @BoST + Everyone who wants

  • Create Newsletter for Call for Cities | @ ?

  • Create Newsletter for Call for Solutions | @ ?

  • Create A Thunderclap for CFC | @ ?

  • Finish the Communication Topic ‘Spread The Call For Solutions’ | @Lars2i

  • Blogpost about the Call For Cities | @Lars2i

  • [JOB] – Cities – When new cities are signing up do a.) create a category for them if none exists, b.) add it to the website, c.) moderate their topic | @ ?

  • [JOB] – Solutions – When solutions are posted a.) check their quality, b.) help the creators to improve them if necessary, c.) make sure they are in the right category and formatted well, d.) if it is really good add the ‘SOLUTIONS’ head and tag and add the topic to the solutions list. | @ ?

  • [JOB/TEAM] – Sponsors & Donations – Build a strategy to get sponsors or donations for this years event and follow through with it. | @ ?

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