READ ME (TEAM) - OSCEdays15 global Community Building

UPDATE: This was the Community Management READ ME for the first OSCEdays 2015. Topic is closed and archived now.

Hi, we are Tim @unteem, Lars @Lars2i & Sam @cameralibre responsible for the building and management of global community of local organizers for the OSCEdays from June 11-15 2015 and beyond.

If you are a local organizer or think about becoming one and have some questions that aren’t answered by the Participation Guide or the READ ME, please post them here in the Community Building category.
Useful documents for planning and keeping track of our work will be created and stored in the Community Building cloud folder.

#How to help?
This is where we need help right now with the community building:

##OSCEdays Community Management
Are you interested to dedicate some time into the management and building of this community? You are very welcome to. Leave us a message down here in this thread. You could start by subscribing to this category and read the READ ME of the OSCEdays. Make youself familiar with this forum. And then we will meet in a video-chat, slowly starting to do some community work together.

##Become a global Node Connector
Become a global Node Connector


There will occur more tasks. Do you have an idea for another task? Please suggest one. Do it by posting in this category.

#Processes & Links
How does the community building/engaging of the local organizers work right now? Some of the processes:

###Engaging local Organizers
How to engage local organizers - this was the process used for the OSCEdays June 11-15 2015:

(1) On the OSCEdays page is a call for local organizers. The call asks people to get in touch via Email.

(2) If a mail comes in, we ask for a video-chat meeting to get to know the local organizer a bit, hear more about his ideas for and motivations to organize a local event and to answer all the remaining questions. If everything looks good (and it usually does) we proceed to the next step:

(3) Set up a sub page for this city, give the local organizer access to it and open up a city category for this city. And then we send the COMMUNITY MAIL: Welcome to the OSCEdays Community

###Community Mails
For the OSCEdays 2015 we have sent a number of Mails to the community of local organizers. They are all available here in the forum. Some in the global Community Building, some in the global Documentation Category. They all have “[COMMUNITY MAIL date]” in front of their title.