Pad not working?

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Hi! @RicardoR, hope you are doing well!

This is really strange especially because you are the only one to whom it happens :confused:
Can you specify me your OS with version.
Can you access this website?
Can you access the pads from another computer/device from the same Internet connexion?

I need a bit more information to debug! Thanks a lot, I hope we’ll get a solution!

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  1. 2 computers, win 7 and OS X yosemite

and phone, android 4.4

  1. yes

  2. no access

So from these 3 devices, you can’t access the pad, right?
Do you have Internet on your phone? Can you try from your mobile Internet?
Are you used to your ISP blocking some websites?
Could you try though the TorBrowser?


tor works perfectly!, also the mobile internet.


Ok, so, your ISP is blocking us :confused: you could try to contact them to know if they do it on purpose or not. Maybe it is a small technical issue on their side?

@cameralibre this is now fixed \o/, I’ll close the topic :smile:

ok, thanks for your help!