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This is about the owncloud instance installed at ‘cloud.oscedays.org

Owned by @pierreozoux
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###Hosted at
Indihosters – @pierreozoux

###Who has the contract?
? / Where is the contract located?
Maybe we don’t have an official contract?

###Who has the Login details?
@pierreozoux runs Indiehosters and he is active here in the forum from time to time.

###Admin Rights
Admins can create new accounts for their team members - so, for example, @Makea is an admin in the group ‘Barcelona’, so she can create new users who will be members of that group. But if those users want to join the Core Team group, they have to ask one of these people:

admins of the OSCEdays group & Core Team group:

###Backup Procedure
@pierreozoux, could you please explain your backup procedure for the owncloud installation?
We have not been doing our own backups… :frowning: but @cameralibre has space on a hard drive to do an additional backup, so will start this week.

###Storage Limit
Pierre, What is our limit? I believe that we are currently over that limit, right?

So what do we do about that? Pay more and keep things as they are? or reduce what’s available on the owncloud and move the excess stuff somewhere else?
Those questions are both to Pierre and the community - in terms of bits, the majority of our data is video and photo files. There is A LOT there. We don’t need regular access to this stuff, it’s really just for archival purposes at the moment.

There is no contract.

Tell me if you need one? But if you need one, you’ll have to help me to write it :wink:

Great :slight_smile:

As soon as the association has a stable structure (financially and legally) we should create one - and install regular payed fees and stuff. We will let you know. Should be done in the next weeks.

great, we will help!
I updated the topic with more questions for you as well.

I backup every 2 hours, and I keep it for 10days. It is replicated to another data center.

The limit is 50GB, you are around 110Go.
I normally charge 1€/y/GB.