OSCEdays Rome 2018 launching!

We are:

Freeknowledge Institute (FKI) Italia: a non-profit organisation that fosters equal access to tools for production and exchange of knowledge in all areas of society. Accordingly, FKI promotes the Commons economy.

Makesense Rome Hotspot: an international community whose aim is to build relationships between engaged individuals, passionate entrepreneurs, and forward-looking organizations to solve the most pressing social issues and inspire, stimulate and accelerate positive impact.

Millepiani: a self-financing coworking space that promotes mutualism between freelancers, enterprises, associations and socially vulnerable persons, and the exchange of knowledge and skills, goods and services. Areas of activity include p2p, green, cooperative and collaborative economy.

Ouishare Italy: an international network of communities spread across Europe, America and the MENA region, experimenting with innovative organisational models and accelerating projects for systemic change based on the values of collaboration, openness, sustainability and fairness.

We will:

Our event will address the needs of local enterprises and help them develop more creative and collaborative, less resource-consuming ways to interact. There are already some good examples of circular economy among local enterprises in Rome and the surrounding region, but not a real ecosystem for sustainable innovation. Best practices tend to remain scattered and confined in niches, which limits their potential to scale and achieve an impact.

We will invite enterprises and startups to present challenges related to their current activities and/or future plans, then build working groups and engage them in a design process to develop practical tools to address them through resource sharing - for instance identify which byproducts can be used as raw material in another sector, or which data, projects and planning tools can be opened for reuse. Each participant who presented a challenge should ideally leave, according to the stage of their business project, with some practical solution to step it up: a prototype, a platform model, or an implementation plan.

Date & Location

Saturday, June 9th at Millepiani coworking


In the morning some best practices from different sectors and with different approaches to circularity will present themselves through short pitches and Q&A, and the insights gathered onto “walls of ideas”.

Every participant or group of participants can then present a challenge and invite others to help solve it, drawing from the insights of the morning.
Each group with the help of facilitators will use parts of Makesense’s “sensefiction” methodology integrated with OSCEdays tools such as the Open flowchart, to progress from an idea to a prototype, a business model, or an action plan. Intensive work sessions will alternate with networking moments where entrepreneurs and citizens can get to know each other around food and drinks. We hope to get some made by local producers from recycled ingredients, and keep the whole event as zero-waste as it can get.


We are seeking a partnership with a regional network that promotes use of a local alternative currency for b2b exchanges. We will consult with them during the planning phase to make sure that the formats and tools we will use are in line with real needs and bring real value. Similar networks exist in many regions of Italy, so if the format works it can be easily replicated.


email: oscedaysroma@gmail.com
event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/170416563645085/
proper fb page to follow soon :slight_smile:


more in detail, this is how the program will look like:

10:00 Welcome & opening

10.30 Stories of circularity: Short pitches + Q&As (5-6 cases, 10 mins max each) with local enterprises who are already doing it circular. What is their business model? What kind of value do they create? What have been so far their 3 greatest successes, and 3 greatest difficulties?
11:30 Going open source: explaining the notion, highlighting what could be opened in the cases just presented, what the advantages of doing so could be for them and for ecosystemic relations between participants, with the help of the Open platform design flowchart

12:30 BRUNCH with food from local producers and beer made from recycled stale bread in a project that involves inmates of Rome’s largest prison (beer from fruit peels soon to follow)

13.30 Circularity challenges: participants propose challenges (1 min flash pitch to convince people to join) and work teams form, each including different skills and one facilitator
14:00 Sensefiction: phase 1 Brainstorming – conceptualising solution(s); phase 2 Creating a storyboard for each solution (this will be one of the takeaways for each challenge bearer)
16:00 Peer review: world café style in which groups evaluate each other’s project and give feedback, especially on what could be opensourced
16:30 Teams reflect on feedback, prepare an action plan and a final pitch
17:30 Final pitches – 3 mins each team
18:00 Closing time with more food, drinks and informal networking

Opening and final pitches will be livestreamed


great to have you with us this year. We’re looking forward to your documentations. I particularly like the framing: 3 greates successes AND 3 greatest difficulties. Success stories we hear a lot, but it’s the difficulties we can learn most from. Have a great event. Let’s hear from it!
Maike (BoSt meber from Berlin)

thanks Maike - and ditto for you Berliners! I think many of us agree that there’s plenty wow-look-we-made-it myhtology out there that needs to be deconstructed a little bit :slight_smile: including open source itself, our first aim is to build awareness and overcome mistrust, but we don’t want people to walk out of the workshop thinking it’s a magic wand that just “works”. hope we make a good job (otherwise we’ll share what went wrong…) and clear documentation, we’ll try to produce as much visuals as we can


Cool. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can print yourself a second Bottlelab-Connector:

Was really nice to meet you at Maker Faire Berlin.