OSCEdays.org Domain Name - Documentation

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This is about the ownership & registration of the domain name ‘oscedays.org

oscedays.org was bought by @cameralibre at iwantmyname.com in December 2014, and transferred to @pierreozoux in March 2015, so he could transfer our tech infrastructure from osced2015.org to our current domain. So the ownership is with Pierre at the moment.

Pierre, a few questions for you:

  • what do we do if you are hit by a bus?
  • what is the procedure for renewing the domain name when it expires?
  • we would like to transfer ownership of the domain name to our newly founded OSCE Association. What’s the right procedure?

p.s. please don’t get hit by a bus, we like you. be careful in traffic!

Good questions :slightly_smiling:

We are now 2 on IndieHosters, so just send emails to support@indie.host, and somebody will eventually answer you :wink:

For now, I take care of renewing domain name.

If you want to own it, just give me all your details, and I’ll update it (Actually, you are the current registrant).