OPEN COLLECTION – The Circular City


##The Open Source Circular City
###A Scenario To Inspire City Hackers

I was invited as a resident to a place called ZK/U and I used the time to write a full ‘SCENARIO about the Open Source Circular City’ that is meant to inspire Hacking our Cities for Circularity!

The Scenario has a lot of ideas and concepts for hacks you can implement right away. Please check the link:

##Full Scenario

Some ideas from it

Slow down traffic (scenario layer 4 ‘mobility’)

Get rid of cars and repurpose the space for circular activities (layer 5 ‘people’)

Transform the city into a botanical garden (layer 3 ‘nature’)

Turn every building into a farm scraper (layer 7 ‘buildings’)

###More Here

And here is an invitation on our Forum to hack your city!

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