I was contacted yesterday by Yannick Schandené, we know each other from POC21.
He is part of the VeloM2 team and is setting up a shared space in the centre of Brussels to work on open source projects, amongst other things.

OSCE team, If you would like to ask any questions, do so below, and if you want to join us in the onboarding video call, please add your availability to the framadate:

For Yannick and the rest of your team, if you want to introduce yourselves, add links or more info on the space or your projects, or ask any questions about the OSCEdays, you can do so in this thread!


I cannot open the dudle. I get a timed out error. Same on the one for CPH. I’d like to invite some people, I also started to hunt for some potentials organizers there. They might be interested to join

Ah, dammit. The site is down. Try this:

@unteem, it’s looking like Monday 21st at 6pm is best so far.

Invited a friend Thibaud Godet, lets see if he wants to join too.

Cool, and I am happy to leave the call after 15mins if you guys want to get all francais on it :slight_smile:

:fries: (couldn’t find an emoji wearing a beret so I went belgian instead)

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Call is postponed, I will update soon on the main ONBOARDING wiki

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