Ocean, Space & City Interfaces

We Launch our OSCE days 2018 program, with le Biome HackLab, with an iterative planning focused on Ocean, Space & City Interfaces. In Rennes and in Auray, Brittany, France

We Are

An open worldwide community and a Biohacklab prototyping things with biomimicry principles

Biomimicry is a learning process, based and staked out within experimentation and prototyping, questioning ethic, promising an ecology and sustainable ways. Working design, working biology, working code, working architecture, are only a side-effect. WE need to learn and share knowledge, practices and documentations.
For these conditions, we need a free and open source system.

We take care about hackerspace Design Patterns

Why we do

Cause We Are people from earth

What we have done

For the past three years, with the osce days but also all day long, we work we worked to close the loops of material cycles while reinvesting in natural capital.

see also


Now we want to tackle information & energy loops, and do so by treating them as commons.

Since September 2017, during a Biomimicry Residence at the Pasteur Hotel in Rennes, we start a new programm : Ocean, Space & City Interfaces.

in 2016, we started “Meadow and Energy” adn ocean bio recolonisation.

In 2017, we worked on urbanism and open source circular city and architecture.

We also worked we daisee.org on Internets of Energy | Energy as a Commons.

We launched a new prototype of photobioreactor for spirulina (bioremediation, depollution etc.) activated with bacteria from human waste, and at the end it can feed a bacterial cellulose farm and plants for O2.

We tryed to plan collaboration with spatial program and we always test data from space (e.g Srtm2Osm) dedicated to urban matters and enhancement for flows. In Rennes and further more… It’s Hack Urban Data Viz

Now we Work hard to solve societal issues with all our humbles little stuff.
And then assemble them together

What We do

OSCI program in OSCE Days

Ocean, Space & City Interfaces.

Free and open source prototyping and documentation :

  • Photobiorector and algae
  • Meadow and energy for ocean bio recolonization
  • Daisee.org
  • data from space and urban data viz to clean up and protect the oceans
  • algae and bacteria from ocean for bioremediation and sustainable production

Iterative program

From Hotel Pasteur in sept. 17 -> January - March 2018 traning and programming -> March 2018 “Nuit du Code Citoyen” french hackathon in Rennes -> June 2018 OSCE days with OSCI program in Rennes and Auray -> July 2017 Fab14 in Auray world summit “Fabricating Resilience” of FabLabs -> August 2018 IndieCamp Kerbors -> September 2018 : OSCI convention in Rennes

├─OSCI program
│ ├─March 2018
│ │ ├─Programming, python , solidity
│ │ ├─Urban Data
│ │ └─Bacterial test
│ ├─Nuit du Code
│ │ ├─Learning
│ │ ├─Hacking
│ │ └─Community Design patterns
└─daisee.org + FTP protocol

├─June 2018
│ ├─OSCE days 2018 | 4 days hackathon on our prototypes
│ ├─International collaboration
│ ├─Internship and prototyping in Auray - Algae stuff
│ └─Internship and prototyping in Rennes - Energy and blockchain stuff

├─Summer 2018
│ ├─July
│ │ ├─Fab14 | hacking, making, tests
│ │ └─swarming
│ ├─August
│ │ ├─IndieCamp kerbors
│ │ ├─Host mates, contributors…
│ │ └─You are welcome
│ └─Tests
├─Regex & Retex
│ └─4-month balance sheet
└─ September 2018 [Wiki OSCI] convention in Rennes with mates and crazy contributors


we initiate and wish to collaborate with :

  • La Fabrique du Loch, FabLab In Auray
  • Daisee.org
  • konk kern Lab in Concarneau (with open rov, ocen is open, wilbur plane…)
  • Idlv.co, collective of artists

You ! If you want to join us or to help us wherever you are : lebiome.hacklab@protonmail.com

We Need

  • Partnerships : For materials, for skills, for internships
  • Sponsors : we need money to support our efforts
  • People, cause people are awesome :wink:
    • In France
    • In Rennes and in Auray
    • All over the world you can help us, contribute, learn and share what you want in our program
  • Your feedbacks at every steps, beginning now on this proposal for OSCE days 2018


Hi Xavier, I might be able to attend the June events in Rennes, as I will be in France in June. Could you send me the exact date?

Your city’s work is excellent.

Hi @Silvia,

We will do it from Tuesday June 5 to Sunday June 10.

i’ll publish a short resume about that, with more informations.

Thanks for your interest

Hi Xavier,

Sorry to miss the event, as I returned from France yesterday. I’ll try to meet you and the team next time I am in Paris.

Wishing you excellent OSCEdays and looking forward to the feedback.

A bientot, Silvia