Rennes OSCE days June 2017

Welcome to the Open Source Circular Economy Days RENNES !

The event takes place in Rennes since the beginning of the international initiative 3 years ago.

Here the event is carried by the Biome’s open worldwide community specialised in biomimicry…
Join us to co-organised and participate to the event !


In Rennes, the event is focused on 3 projects. The list can grow if you propose another one :

  • ByoDIT - Transparent colomn composed of ground layers containing soil bacteria. Also connected to model energetic human systems. It is a work to raise awareness about ground ecology that composed 99% of the biomass.
    To resume, Build Your Own Device for Infra Terrestrial

  • OpenBioBlitz - Development and tests on an essential tool for the beginners to professional naturalists to identify fauna and flora.

  • Starter Kit Aliapur - Object creations from aggregate recycled from tyres.


Remote collaboration & contribution possible

  • During the 5 days => PROJECTS hack & make, learn by doing
  • 18h Thursday 8th June - Discovery workshop about Open Source and the importance of the free digital + Deliver the biodiversity data with the OpenBioBlitz project !
  • 18h Friday 9th June - Practical workshop about collaborative digital tools
  • 18h Monday 12th June - Restless return of the 5 days of event !

Contact on Facebook or by to discuss :slight_smile:

Live documentation, in french yet but english version soon :


Hi all

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Hi, we are having global VIDEO CALLS during the global June event. Join us there to tell us about your event, maybe show us around and meet other people.

You can join a call while your event is running or before or after it. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE.

Hope to meet you :relaxed:

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