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For people and projects based in europe:

Call For Applications: Citizen Lab (Deadline April 4, 2016)

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Neat project on recycling plastic. Looks like it is taking an open approach:

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Open source NASA technology:

hey, that is good news. Because LED’s and energy saving light bulbs are almost impossible to recycle. With traditional light bulbs it is easier. And this one does even “recycle” the energy.

The democratization of knowledge, this is what we do at OSCE, among other great things:

In case we need re-enforcement that we are on the right track and we should persevere, here is confirmation from an ex-CIA officer:

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Cool. The Campaign for OSCEdays Berlin 2016 by @Denis & Luter got featured in an upcoming book about 100 Designs from cool projects in Berlin.

here are the videos for WOOD



@huelfe = OSCEdays tech guy

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