Nemona Challenge: open forms of collaboration in a locally based fashion industry in Berlin

Could the fashion network NEMONA be successfully developed as a multi-label brand?

Which are the most important aspects in the development of a business case “multi-label brand NEMONA”?

NEMONA is a fashion incubator and network in the field of fashion and production in Berlin-Neukölln and it is aimed at fashion designers and seamstresses. The aim is to promote the partnership networking between these two groups for new sources of jobs and to develop business models. Since September 2015 NEMONA is concentrating on sales to strengthen and stabilize the local economy / textile sector in Berlin-Neukölln.

In this context we would like to discuss with you, how we could devolope a sustainable business model.

Friday, 10.06.2016 @10h am

Related questions:

  • Are there comparable multi-label brands?
  • What would be the unique selling point (USP) of a “multi-label brand NEMONA”?
  • How important are the following aspects and to whom are they important: local production, sustainability (e.g. upcycling), eco.- friendliness, etc.
  • How is Berlin as a brand recognized in the rest of Germany and across the globe? Should the image of Berlin be incorporated into the marketing strategy of a “multi-label brand NEMONA”?
  • Are NEMONA´s attributes of fashion designer cooperation and independent, locally based fashion labels enough to attract a sufficient number of potential costumers? If so, who would they be?
  • Would it be successful in the long run to market a variety of fashion labels under one umbrella brand?
  • How diverse/different from another can/should the different fashion labels subsumed under a “multi-label brand NEMONA” be?
  • What pricing-model should be applied (standardized/variable…)?
  • What distribution channel(s) should be chosen? Own store/showroom, retail store, online store – a combination of the aforementioned?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What other questions should be asked?

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What do you think?

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@Ina @Mayya nemona, a neukölln based network of labels, will join the oscedays as well, would be great if you connect

Dear @nemona Team, your challenge sounds really great!

We are also organizing challenges on fashion & design, very focusing on the circular economy in textiles on Friday & Saturday. Have you planned your date yet? Up to join forces on our similar topics?

eg. MD1. Which open processes allow designers to spread and optimize circular design development and use of innovative materials?

Please find the details in the WIKI

Looking forward to a great textile & design crowd at the event!
We should connect our initiatives closer anyway :slight_smile:

Circular Materials and Open Source Design (teams MD)

  1. The Post-Couture Collective1
    MD1. Which open processes allow designers to spread and optimize circular design development and use of innovative materials?
    MD2. How can software and platforms be developed further to ease material selection and design strategies for circular products?

Future Retail Models and Customer Communication
2. Filippa K1 (teams F):
F1. How can brands inspire circular consumption? What will be new physical store experiences in 2020 that encourage circular behaviour?
F2. How can second hand be developed further to compete with traditional retail in 2020?
F3. What does a wardrobe look like in 2020 when optimized to circular behaviour?

Recovery & Recycling
3. Circle Economy (teams C):
C1. What will be the most beneficial and effortless logistic systems that will optimize the recovery of textiles in 2020?
C2. Which customer convenient textile collecting system will optimize recovery through providing also benefits to businesses?


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Ina,
yes, we should meet anyway! Our challenge will take place on Friday at 10h am.
Maybe we meet there
Best, Sabine

Perfect timing as we are also there on Friday & Saturday :slight_smile:
Looking forward! @nemona

Dear @nemona team,

we are very happy to welcome you to the event!

  1. I added your Challenge to the #circulartextiles main page (programme):
    [PUBLIC WIKI] Circular Textile Challenges Berlin 2016
    Please feel free to share the programme aswell.

  2. On Friday at 10:00, the general Osce programme will start out with a morning assembly (ca. 30 mins). You might want to incorporate it into your schedule :slight_smile:

  3. Some of you might want to join our #circulartextiles Facebook community:
    Or the general OSCE Days Berlin Facebook community:
    for regular updates about the event.

We are looking forward to opening up #circulartextiles with your help!

See you soon,