Members Fee Regulations for the OSCE(days) e.V. [solved]

Hey everyone,

I think about creating a fee regulations document for our association. I thought, it might be good to come up with one and let it come into effect already in the founding meeting in two or three weeks.

The alternative would be that we create a draft and vote about it in our first regular members meeting (probably around May ?). But this would mean of course, that we would have a long online debate and voting procedure about it.

Remember: Our statutes demand, that decisions like that – or all decisions – are made online. Including a discussion process and voting (most probably on Loomio).

Sam and I as elected provisional board of stewardship will have to create and facilitate this whole process. We will do it all together of course, but I expect this to be complex, because we will do it for the first time and have to invent it.

We have to come up in the process with a solution for voting the real Board of Stewardship for example, bring in all the new members to the voting etc. And all this most likely in parallel to the development of the event.

Having a complex issue like a that to decide publicly and in that process on a members fee regulations document . . . without any experience in how to run the whole process . . . I guess, this can be a bit risky - to fail or make a lot of people unsatisfied with the process.

So because of that I would vote for having a fee regulations document already in effect after the founding meeting where it will be much easier to get it elected. We can change it than in the second regular members meeting with way more experience in spring 2017.


##REGULAR MEMBERS: 25 Euro a Year
Our statutes allow that if someone is super poor he can pay less or nothing. Wikimedia has 24.

##LEGAL PERSONS (like Comanies or NGOs) = SUSTAINING MEMBERS: 200 Euros a Year
Wikimedia has 100 Euro; LEGAL PERSONS have no voting rights in our members gatherings. They get nothing extra. Because all discussions are in the open anyway. We could think about a simple list with their names somewhere though. But no links, because links count as sponsorship and are therefor business and that is in tension with our tax-free status.
… we could even make it less – 100?. If someone with a strong budget really wants to support the association they are always free to pay more.

@BoST & Community? What do you think?

UPDATE: We agreed to go for it – proceed with the document already in the founding meeting – in the BoST meeting from February 1 2016.

UPDATE: And here is the final document that is now in place:
Beitragsordnung OSCE eV.pdf (28.0 KB)