[MEETING] OSCEdays Vancouver April 24 - Open Planning

Meeting Date: April 24
Meeting Time: 4-6pm (PDT)
Meeting Location: Cafe Deux Soleils
Attendees: @belindali @mnicnielsen, Sonam, Jess, Beverly

Discussion topics:

Switch from challenges to questions
See the post on how we’re switching the format.
Question: How can we encourage people to participate in a wiki or open source format? For example, if we develop a zero waste guide, businesses that have reusable items or provide services change so rapidly so we need to make sure it stays up to date.

Still need about $600 to cover venue costs. Applying to Lush Charity Pot and Vancity Branch Community Grants.

Topics for the Hackathon
Came up with a few topics:

  • What’s the next big sharing economy opportunity in Vancouver?
  • How can we recover surplus healthy food from grocery stores?
  • What does a circular textile market look like in Vancouver?
  • How do we break down barriers of using reusable take-out containers?

Next Steps
Promote the event by posting interesting articles or questions on Facebook event. Keep looking for sponsors.

Next Meeting
May 11, 5pm, 885 Dunsmuir St (contact @belindali)