[COMMUNITY MAIL, April 15 2016] – It is not Challenges. It is Questions now

META: Community Mail to sent out to all local organizers 2016 and made public in newsletters and social media. It announces changes to the platform made after this discussion.


OSCEdays Forum - It is not Challenges, It is Questions now.


Hi OSCEdays Community,

OSCEdays is a constantly evolving experiment, you are all a part of.

Evolving means to change. And we have one tiny but important change to share with you today:

The area on top of our forum is not called “Challenges” anymore but from now on “Questions”. So the forum is more like a normal forum where you can ask questions – quick or long – to get help and input from others.

You still can work on your local challenges and invite the community to it. Just post in the forum the main question(s) of your challenge. And as in any other good forum please provide all the necessary information so that others can understand the question and answer it. This might be longer descriptions, data sets, images, code and so on. But you do not have to post all of those in the forum. Post it in the tools and platforms you are used to, where you work anyway and will continue to work for example your own website. If you don’t have any tools in place you can still share the whole information in the forum of course. It is just important that the information is in the public.

The new structure establishes a better Open Source workflow for all of us. There are two main ways for Open Source to happen: (1) People share things mostly on their OWN websites and (2) people ask questions and share problems in public forums and given answers are publicly available for everyone else too afterwards.

We encourage you to host your challenges and projects wherever you want and use our forum just to post the questions you are going to explore.

And when you found an answer after working on your challenges, please let us know about it and post a comment under your own question. Maybe also other people will already have posted theirs. We will work hard to get some “expert eyes” looking at your questions :slight_smile:

Thanks and looking forward to your questions and find your links.



Ps. Next to this we will continue to use the forum to organize the global level in a transparent way and invite all the local organizers to do the same – like Berlin for example is doing.