[MEETING] OSCEdays Vancouver April 10 - Open Planning

Notes from the planning meeting. Next meeting will be on April 24, exact time and location to be determined.

Meeting Date: April 10
Meeting Time: 4-6pm (PDT)
Meeting Location: Commercial/Broadway
Attendees: @belindali @mnicnielsen, Sonam, Jess

Discussion topics:

Setting up the call for challenges:

  • Post is up for invitation for challenges
  • Have initiated a challenge on food waste
  • Other challenges of interest: increasing recycling rates and improving livelihoods, textiles (link up with Berlin/global), zero waste event guidelines (link up with global)

Event format:

  • Since it’s only one day, should have majority of challenges formed and get people to have some ideas before they show up (but still provide opening for new challenges on the day of)
  • Pre-meeting with volunteer leaders/facilitators a few weeks before the event to bring more structure
  • Make it clear that this event is not just for new ideas, but also to accelerate projects already on the go (refer to categories of challenges)

Sponsorship, partnerships:

  • Alces Technologies Inc. providing in-kind sponsorship on tech support, website hosting, and contribution for event space
  • Various organizations and businesses have been approached, should be able to confirm by next meeting exact contributions
  • Have good options for food donations and sponsorship, bigger challenge is covering cost of event space

Volunteer recruitment:

  • Tabled for next meeting

To do:

  • Post invitation for challenges and Eventbrite link on website, also send out to contacts
  • Send sponsorship info to potential sponsors
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Hi @belindali just saw this on Twitter on thought it might be of interest if you haven’t already seen it: http://www.vancouvereconomic.com/blog/vecs_take/creating-a-circular-economy-in-vancouver-through-government-action/

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