[Meeting, online] OSCEdays Meeting October 12, 2016, 21:00 CEST

###OSCEdays Meeting (Skype) October 12, 2016

With Timothee Gosselin @unteem , Erica Purvis @TechnicalNature , Sharon Prendeville @sharmarval , Sam Muirhead @cameralibre , Lars Zimmermann @Lars2i

Post is a Wiki.

Pad (in case we need it.)


(1) We met Moritz (RFF). Tim is preparing documents (3 pager and 15/20 pager).

(2) Definition. What is the plan? How to proceed here?


(3) Guidelines. What do you think? Anything urgent to add? Should i translate it in german, check it and play it back? (I would love an online comment from some of you, approving this steps.)


(4) New Category System in development. Any comments on that? Or should Tim, Sam and Lars proceed.


A new category for blogposts.

(5) Design
Jenni is willing to develop a new design for next years event. Any ideas for how to proceed?

(6) Blogpost about current steps? Sketch is here.

(7) How to open up this calls? How to open up the development of the structure. Is there a READ ME needed for what is going on right now? –

(8) + Please add …


(1) Erica has already create a document to use maybe. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_DCENJGC2lNw9klt27mv23SGVQDgo64YfNmnHOVR5tc/edit

Same doc on own cloud: https://cloud.oscedays.org/index.php/s/ncEW9SaLau1b1ZE

(2) There was other stuff in the forum on that. Sharon posts the link to the definition.

Sharon: Don’t leave aut Point 4, true costs, slowing, narrowing … durability … /

. . .

Platform discussion. Tim: Lets decentralize it more. http://neo4j.com/ could be an interesting technology to look at.

Tim is talking about Backfeed.

(5) Design:
Tim: I don’t think if we need a new design. Let’s keep it.

(-) NAME: Tim is going to create a workshop about a new name.