[MEETING, January 5] Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!

This will be our first opportunity to meet and discuss ideas for 2016. We will meet 19:00 at Agora (Mittelweg 52) Neukölln, top floor. Feel free to join us. In case you can’t find us call 017621865009

###1 – Anyone interested in going to Munich?
Present the OSCEdays in Munich

###2 – Feedback for the global event.
Let’s have a look at the new webpage of the global OSCEdays for 2016. And collect feedback for it. http://oscedays.org

###3 – General Berlin Event
Ideas, Problems, Tasks? Let’s collect questions and create a Road Map for the event.

###4 - PLAYTIME - Lego Technic
@Lars2i I got me some Lego Technic. I never had one as a child. I am a surprised by the complexity of this modular system. It is really interesting! Anyone has experience with it? For those interested: Let’s have a look at it and try to learn something for Open Source Circular Design.

###5 – What else?
Feel free to add. Post is a wiki.

Ping @cameralibre @Lars2i @sophia @ina @transitionmica @Alice_audrey @Justine @JuliaP @Babaruna @Anna_Perrottet @Timm @simonlee @Lucy @Arianna + you

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How is that a wiki? I can’t find the pencil sign! :wink:

klick on the … next to the Reply at the bottom of the Post and it shows up. It is a bit confusing, I also dind’t find it at first.

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@Lars2i Lego is fascinating, but if we advertise it here we should make sure we gat some sponsoring from them too. My son had it and never used it (too complex at the time I guess): you can build moving machines and even little robots. Great stuff, only NOT open source at all.

Sorry I can’t make it, too short notice. I’ll try to stay updated.

@transitionmica Lego is somehow open now. All patents and copyrights are expired. That is the reason you can buy cheap Lego-Clones now in many shops. I think Lego uses its massive power and that is the reason, that you can’t buy the clones in every shop. But at least in the “Euro-Shops” and other Shops like that you can get it.

###OSCEdays Tuesdays

Btw. @Timm and @transitionmica - We have “OSCEdays Tuesdays” now. Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month there are regular meetings 19:00 @Agora. It is in the READ ME

Hope to see you at the next ones. All the best.

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Like I said at Facebook, I’m at the workshop ( www.schuelerfahrradwerkstatt.de ) every Tuesday at this time :wink:
I’ll try to catch up otherwise

Hey! I’ll come. I had some Lego Technic more than ten years ago. Bring it with you Lars, I’ll at least take a look at it as I’m thinking about buying some to refresh those skills :wink:

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Hey everyone, happy New Year! I’m going to try to make it tonight, look forward to seeing you.

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Here my annotations for the webpage annotatedScreenshot.pdf (1.2 MB)

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@Jan_D, could you please give me a suggestion for how I can create the outline + buffer around text to end up with the outline button that you made during the meeting?
The main thing is what/where do I edit? I’m happy experimenting with different sizes, colors, thicknesses & opactiy etc, but I know basically nothing about css. If there is a relevant tutorial that you know of, I would appreciate the link!

Buffer: “padding”; you can write padding: 3px 6px 8px 9px 13px; the first value it top, than right, bottom left. Our you write padding-left:10px (you can also instead of px write em, 1em=width of an “m” in the font you use)

The border (http: //www.w3schools.com/css/css_border.asp) is: border: [width] [kindOf] [color] like: border: 2px solid gray;

To make the changes, I used the dev tool (intro video) which is integrated in most browsers; On my computer I get it when I press F12 on the keyboard or you click your button and choose “inspect element”

For a tutorial you can check out this tutorial or this interactive class