[MEETING, April 5] - 7pm, Kindl Areal, Neukölln – OSCEdays Tuesday Potluck

For notes and documentation of the OSCEdays Tuesday in Berlin on April 5, 2016 - 7pm, Agora (Neukölln), top floor.

Can’t find us? Call 0176 218 65 009

Btw. Last week we decided, that this meetings from now on will be “Planning Potlucks” - so bring something to eat, if you like :slight_smile:


Post is a wiki. Please add what we need to discuss.

###1 Participants Application?
Last year participants had to apply. Because we had limited space and we wanted to make sure to have people at the event, that were really motivated. Do you think, we should do this again this year? We could also just use Eventbrite.

###2 We have a CHAT now
Do you have any updates for the community not big enough for a whole new topic in the forum? We now have a CHAT topic … where you can just leave a quick update - like a note to the group. It is like a newsfeed.

###3 New Founding Meeting on May 3
The court demanded changes to the statutes. So we have to repeat the Founding meeting. The OSCEdays Tuesday on May 3 is the chosen date.

###4 Spread the Call For Challenges to Students
The new semester is about to start. So now is the best time to reach out to students that might take on the topic of circular economy &/or open source. Here in the second comment is a little call for that. Please help to spread it!

###5 Planning Party?
Do we have a date for our planning party, yet?

###6 Updates from Runa about Sweden
Runa made good connections to Sweden. She will tell us about.

###7 OSCEdays Excursion: to an exhibition about modularity on Sunday April 17
There is an interesting exhibition about modular design in Berlin. Let’s go there together. Who wants to join? What time should we go?

###8 Jay’s modular house project
Jay can show us his modular house project that is located at the Kindl.

###9 . . . please add

. . .

lets meet at the new space tomorrow and hold the meeting there, so we can start thinking about where to put which content during the event. ok?
also we said everyone brings some food and/or drinks, right?

once you are on the brewery area, you can see the “agora collective” banner on the building.

see you there

@Lars2i @Ina

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Ah cool! Thanks. Good idea.

Any updates on possible dates for our Planning Party?


Here is a short write up of some things we have discussed next to the stuff in the Agenda above.

people are arriving

We have been: @ina @JuliaP @Babaruna @simonlee @cameralibre @Lars2i + There have been a lot of new people this time. Some of them brought challenges and ideas.

  • Two girls from Kunstoffe (sorry, forgot your names :-/) were telling about their challenge idea about how to track the materials of products around the world. They will create challenge in the forum soon which will enable us to get it connected to other cities maybe

  • Maya is in collaboration with Greenpeace and another organisation. They want to create a big “Kleidertauschparty” for “Alexa-Customer-Like-People” at the same weekend as OSCEdays. We discussed combining the two events – have them in the same place. We saw fantastic potential synergies coming out of that. Everyone liked the idea. Maye will discuss it with her partners.

  • @Babaruna gave updates about her trip to Boras in Sweden and the rest of the country. There are many organisations that want to connect to OSCEdays. We discussed the possibility of establishing an ”OSCEdays City-Partnership” between Berlin and Boras. Let’s try to set up a hangout call between Boras and some people of the Berlin community and see, what ideas will pop up there. Once we have a date for the call it will be posted in the forum – so everyone that wants to join can join.

  • Lars pointed out the REWE across the Venue. We need to include it somehow. But we did not have concrete ideas yet. If you have one – you are very welcome to share :-)!

  • @Babaruna has joined Greenpeace. And we were discussing the possiblity of a partnership. Of course everyone likes them. Greenpeace has a factory in Hamburg! Maybe they can run a challenge about that. But there are many more possible ideas. Runa will try to make a connection.

  • The whole thing was a potluck! We had some nice food. And will continue to held the meetings as potlucks :slight_smile:

  • And we have started the meeting with a tour through our venue - the impressive future CRCLR Lab. IF you are interested in getting that tour ping us before future meetings and you can come a bit earlier to get a tour.

We discussed a lot more, but this is all I can recall right now. Please add, if you can think of something I forgot but that should be included. This post is a wiki. Just hit the pen button below and start to edit.

Doing ‘something’ with REWE might be difficult. At least organising foodsharingwith REWE is because the individual market manager has very little say. But I don’t want to be discouraging …

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