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A topic for communications, advice and suggestions relating to the main OSCEdays website

Also some links here on the easy bootstrap for wordpress for making your country sub-pages

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Hey @Lars2i @cameralibre - not platform related but website so thought would add here…

See you’ve updated the countries in the platform to be in alphabetical order (by country or city) - wonder if we should do this on the main website as well. Much as it’s nice for London to be at the top others may find it easier to check who’s involved or quickly scan for their city if also in order. Nevermind if a huge hassle as plenty more important things to do, or could also wait until definitely stabilise.

jeap, i am planning to do this. I was wondering if i should arrange them after countries. And then the countries in alphabetical order. But cities name is probalby better.

Will do it asap.

I vote for cities + countries between brackets

Just a quick question: The wordpress pages are not responsive, or? I found they look bit messed up on my iphone, on safari/firefox all is fine…

mmh, i thought they were. Aren’t they? Have you solved the problem?