Fusing urbanism, design thinking and innovation strategy I am fueled with solving complex challenges in the fields of Urbanism, City Innovation and Green Infrastructure.

Having a background in Landscape Urbanism/Urban Design with extensive experiences in China, HK, UK and Dubai working on large scale Urban and Innnovation Strategies both in the corporate environment and in my own studio for social innovation and social design.

I believe in breaking down the silos of urbanism and architecture, working on un-common grounds to innovate, co-create and re-design for new social and economic values.

For those reasons i Co-founded 2013 CTRL+N on the adaptive re-use of vacant infrastructure projects, aiming for new individual service-and experience designs and enabling the locality becoming its own creative force.

I´m currently building up the Department of Wilderness as part innovation lab, part incubator and part soil on inspiring and implementing new ways of thinking about land, wilderness and re-wilding in global cities.

“It´s the age of the practical idealist. A feral responsibility for being different!"