How to create a collective eco-brand worldwide?


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During OSCE DAYS 2016 our questions you can find below.

What is OSCE DAYS about?

It is a global event to Develop a Sustainable Circular Economy through Open Source Collaboration. During this occasion experts, ethusiasts and innovators from all over the world work together in order to exchange their ideas and solutions.

Miről szól a OSCE DAYS 2016?

Ez egy globális esemény, amelynek célja a fenntartható körkörös gazdaság fejlesztése az Open Source Collaboration-on keresztül. Az eseményen szakemberek, a téma iránt elkötelezettek, illetve innovátorok vesznek részt azzal a céllal, hogy ötleteiket megosszák egymással.

More information/További információk:

Challenges and our Questions:

  • Our aim is to reduce waste or achieve zero waste…How can we solve this aim with this collective eco-brand? Which would be the best product acceptance among customers in eco-fashion,what would be the real demand, which kind of collection should be prepared to meet all the conditions.

  • How would be the best work structure to increase sustainable awareness and develop collectively - co-design, educational collaborations, contests, partnerships?

The participants:

We invite fashion schools, designers, fashion organisations and professionals in this conversation and work at OSCE forum and all the ideas and concrete proposals are welcome.


Maybe you will be able to share some of your gained insights regarding the 2nd Question on the 13th, @Melissa?

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Here I’m sharing the link to the live broadcasting of the event.

At what time do you start, @Gabi_Walek ?
Take a glance at it some time today, @Melissa :wink:

Hi, we start the meeting at 3 p.m and the video broadcasting will start at 3.30 p.m (local time in Budapest)

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