How can we improve the Emergent Berlin Festival (e.g. by making it zero-waste)? Sun 3pm-7pm

How can we develop the Emergent Berlin 2016 festival (or any other event) to be more OSCE?

Whether you want to help out with this year’s Emergent Berlin Fest, get insights and inspiration for your own event or you are just interested in exploring these topics, everyone is welcome to join!

In terms of CIRCULAR ECONOMY, we will not only consider implementing zero waste strategies relative to an ecological perspective, but also focus on:

• What other kinds of regenerative and positive feedback loops we can create using the Baumhaus PEACES (Personal, Ecological, Aesthetic, Cultural, Economic, Social) framework of sustainable development as an inspiration. It is like a soup of perspectives from which to consider ideas of balance, each ingredient flavoring the next.

In terms of OPEN SOURCE, we not only want to consider how to do good documentation, but also explore and prototype:

• What kinds of resonant real-time experiences can we inspire that are worth documenting?

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@anna-baumhausberlin dear anna, when do you want to do you challenge? trying to make a timetable right now

@Justine is preparing a Zero-Waste-Event challenge for the OSCEdays Berlin and the globe. And I think she still needs some collaborators (as she will be on the road for two days during the event.) - Maybe you can collaborate with her and do a first experiment on a zero waste festival.

Dear Friederike: how about a workshop-a-thon from 3pm until 9pm on Sunday June 12 and a public presentation of the findings and next steps on Monday June 13 from 7pm until 10pm?

Sounds good! @Justine are you going to be at the planning party on Thursday? Then we could meet and discuss more!

yes @anna-baumhausberlin I’m also coming on Thrusday, we can meet there :slightly_smiling:

superduper. see you then!! :slightly_smiling:

Would love to see your documentation, did you manage to benefit from the community for your event-planning?

For the circular sanitation challenge I’m currently trying to buy a Dixie-Toilet for a Hackathon @ Emergent Berlin Fest: turn the chemical toilet into a composting toilet with urine separation.

Hi Maike!
Yes! It helped us a lot! We made a huge brainstorm map together that we can use for our future planning of the event.
I wrote a little blog entry about our challenge at the OSCE days…

I like the idea for the Emergent Berlin fest. It would be great if we could integrate a hackathon like that, I will talk with the other Baumhaus members about it. Did you advance in your planning? Let’s keep in touch outside of this forum. How can I reach you? The Bh mail is or my contact is

or better even: Can you make it to our next Emergent Berlin planning meeting on the 20th ???


yes, I will be there. just invited the cyeloo-people to join as well, let’s see, it’s a bit short notice…

Hey @anna-baumhausberlin, I’m coming to Berlin next tuesday and I’m curious about the output you gathered, I developed a methodology to help event organizers to make events without waste I’ll be glad to meet you and share ideas