Future of OSCEdays – Meeting in Berlin September 24 – 27

(updated, sep 23, by lars)


@sharmarval @TechnicalNature @cameralibre @unteem & @Lars2i who started the OSCEdays will meet this weekend in Berlin to plan the future. The goal is to create a real diverse, distributed and stable community for Open Source Circular Economy. And therefor we have to do the planning as an open community. So the meeting is very open for everyone. In case you can’t make it to Berlin there is an online-video call on saturday for you to join.

Here is the schedule.
(All times are CEST - Berlin Time)

20:00 Social, Meeting UPDATE: We will not meet at the Sankt Oberholz but at Sams house for beer and dinner. You are still invited to join us. Just write an email to zimmermann.lars or a text to 004917621865009 or call to get the address.

10:00-13:00 Working session just with @sharmarval @TechnicalNature @cameralibre @unteem & @Lars2i to catch up with each other.

15:00 - 19:00 Open Working Session 1 - Future of the OSCEdays - the event and a foundation behind it. You are very welcome to join us. We will meet in Berlin Kreuzberg. Just write an email to lars (zimmermann.lars@email.de) and say, that you are coming, so we can plan the right size of the room. You’ll get the address then. You can also call 004917621865009

20:30 Social - food and drinks. Place will be announced here. Update: We will be at Bateau Ivre - Oranienstraße 18 - Call Lars to find us: 004917621865009

10:00 - 13:30 Open Working Session 2. Place is Agora, Mittelweg 50, Neukölln - 1st floor. Please let us know, when you join the physical meeting zimmermann.lars@email.de / 0049 17621865009

11:00 - 13:00 ONLINE CALL/CONFERENCE - For those of you that can’t make it to Berlin there is this online call. We will share what was discussed on Friday and invite you to share your ideas, visions and questions. We will use Google Hangouts for it. The link to the call will be posted 15 min before on the wall of our OSCEdays Hangouts Channel. If you plan to join the call and not just watch, make sure, you have hangouts installed on your computer and a stable Wi-Fi-Connection. Hope to see some of you in the call. Leave a comment below to let us know, that you will join.

Saturday 11am CEST (Berlin time) Open Online Session

15:00 - 19:00 Open Working Session 3. Place is Agora, Mittelweg 50, Neukölln - 1st floor.
Please let us know, when you join the physical meeting zimmermann.lars@email.de / 0049 17621865009

20:30 Social - food and drinks. Place will be announced here. Heiners Bar in Neukölln might be an option. Call Lars to find us: 004917621865009

10:00 - 13:00 Open Working Session 4. Place is Agora, Mittelweg 50, Neukölln - 1st floor.
Please let us know, when you join the physical meeting zimmermann.lars@email.de / 0049 17621865009

Maybe, there will be an afternoon session on sunday too. If so we will announce it here.


Here are some questions we will discuss this weekend. But there are more. Please share yours along with your ideas and visions in the ONLINE CALL on saturday or upfront here in the comments.

  1. What needs to happen to embed open source principles within the circular economy and how can the OSCE community best support this?
  2. How do we decide which projects we get involved in and which we don’t?
  3. What is the community interested in seeing happen / getting involved in?
  4. What worked well for OSCEdays 2015 and what could we improve?
  5. What kind of structure do we need in place to support a diversity of projects?
  6. And many more questions like this…

Follow this topic and you’ll find details of the meeting and the social events we plan to have around it will happen. If you have suggestions about this, feel free to post them.


topic is updated and there is a schedule now.

There is an Update for Thursday evening. We will meet at Sams house. Write me an email (zimmermann.lars@email.de) or text or call 004917621865009 to get the address.

Brainstorming pad for our guidelines discussion: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/guidelines

Brainstorming pad for circular economy definition: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/circular-definition

Sorry I wasn’t able to make the call yesterday. Looking forward to the outcome of this gathering :slight_smile:

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Here’s an related in-depth behind-the-scenes view of a few issues we’re discussing and some ways we could structure things, or create some financial sustainability for OSCE:

I’ll also just quickly DISCLAIMER all over this: this is a rambling discussion over beers in a dark fablab, not a carefully crafted action plan. We only speak for ourselves, not the OSCE community or Enspiral network in any official capacity.

In Berlin we talked briefly about our 10-year goals and ideas for the future, you can read our thoughts and add your own here:

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Here is a little Write up of the weekend sessions.

We worked hard on friday, saturday and a bit on sunday. Part of the discussion were @sharmarval @TechnicalNature @unteem @cameralibre @mixmix @keikreutler @hazem @OTTILIE @Babaruna

Main things discussed:

We need a legal entity. We will found a german „Verein“(= association). We were discussing first designs for it. The most powerful structure in a Verein is the members gathering. Everyone in any country in the world can become a member of the Verein and therefor participate in the membersgathering. Important changes to and decisions about the OSCEdays and its infastructure are made by vote in the membersgathering. We will go for a democratic and community run system.

An important idea behind founding an organisation is to not just have an event every other year but a strong structure that also can support and take on other projects to enable the open development of a circular economy.

In that process we tried to come up with guidlines – what can the Verein do and what not and what everything is about. See hackpad above.

@Lars2i is in charge with creating a first draft for the guidelines from the work already done and also come up with a first sketch for the statues that we then can play back and forth here and with others. We were looking at the statues of Wikimedia Deutschland and will learn from that for ours.

With @mixmix from Enspiral we were discussing about thier co-budgeting technique and other decision making techniques fitting for networks. Very interesting. I have the feeling, we will start to play with ideas like that too in the future. All in all the OSCEdays and the OSCEdays association will experiment and push decentralized open collaboration further.

###A name
Well, the name „OSCEdays“ has some problems for example it is hard to pronounce. But on ist bright side it deliveres straight forward the mission, which is good and important given the novelty and complexity of the mission. We tried to find a new name that also can have this quality but sounds better. Could not find one. Anyone an idea? We somehow are still looking for good suggestions.

###10 years goals
One of the things we discussed are 10 years goals. Sam made a write up of the goals.

###A definition for circular economy
One of the things missing right now is a clear definition for „circular economy“ we really like. The one provided by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation tells nothing about people and is not necessarily about sustainability. So one of the big projects to take on is to find this definition together. @sharmarval will come up with a start for that discussion. Above you’ll find a hackpad where we already made first steps working towards a new definition.

###Book Project
We were discussing a Booksprint for the OSCEdays – a facilitated 5-6 day session with a real book as an outcome. We did not come to an agreement on it. Clearly a book would be a great asset to spread and explain our mission. But maybe it is too early for that? Of course we would start with a version 1.0 and expand it as everything develops further. A task in this context is of course to find funding for this. Anyone interested in joining such a project and to help to make it happen? Get in touch.

###Next Event
We decided to have the next global event on JUNE 9-14 2016 that we will push. But you are free to do one earlier or later.

###Swedens Industry
On sunday we were joined by @Babaruna and we discussed, how the OSCEdays and the ideas of an Open Source Circular Economy can be married to Swedens will to develop its economy further. Runa took notes. Maybe something will come out of that. Anyone with ideas on that, feel free to get in touch with Runa (@Babaruna).

###Party + More
As for many of us it was the second time we met not just online (after the first time in London). Therefor partying and getting to know each other was important as well. @Alice_audrey gave us a tour through a new facility where she will build together with @simonlee and Benjamin a Circular economy Lab in Berlin. Great! In the evenings we had beers and Ale and were joined by bunch of people @Ina & @Timm amongst them.

We were discussing also some other things but i think i covered the main areas. Anyone who was in the meetings feel free to add what I forgot. If you have questions, please ask. I am happy to answer them.

This weekend also led into some discussions and plans for improving our website and forum structures to make it easier for people to find their way around, and give us more flexibility for the future.

Software discussion:

Forum structure discussion:

Wow, you did a lot of work that weekend. So sorry I didn’t check here often enough so I had no idea it was happening. I would definitely want to join next time.

Here is a start for the discussion about the Circular Economy definition:

Ok, and here, as promised, a start for the discussions about the guidelines.

Her is the overview document for the development of the association

Hey @BoST I’m drafting an initial cut for the Advocate Europe grant application. I think we need to have these ten year goals listed in a more obvious place, that is less buried in the forum. Maybe for the website? (I guess this isn’t quite a bug report…but some other class of forum change request?) :wink:

Sounds good.

I think we need to create a new topic/webpage about our Association now that it is founded. And I guess that is the best place for the then years goals.

Will look into creating that subject/webpage soon. But if you have some time, feel free to start to create the topic – or draft for that webpage. I can than add stuff to the topic.