[Discussion] – Impact Strategy OSCEdays 2018 / 2019

Part of OSCEdays 2018

Hi BoST,

It is our goal to get as many organizations and projects share their circularity solutions as open source or start to look into open source methodologies. Many of them – for example NGOs – sit on good data or tutorials. But we don’t know them. And they are not fully open.

We are going to have a call for open content this year – for fully fledged circularity solutions that are open. OSCEdays is focussing for the first time on implementing resources. And this is what those institutions are looking for. People using their resources. Attention and impact for their work.

Attention is the currency in this world. And we don’t have to agree that this is true but I think it is easy to agree that many people believe this. The fact that we had in the past so many people saying that they want to create a local event (over 100 cities) is what makes people listen to OSCEdays. And that we can leverage to pull NGOs and so on into Openness.

The call for solutions has a description what is an “open” solution. How to properly open source something. It is our vehicle to get this knowledge and methods to solution owners – and ideally start to make them use this knowledge.

However this will only work if they are really interested in putting their solutions into OSCEdays we have to build up this attention! We need to have as much attention as possible. It is our leverage. Let’s make it as long as possible.

The more attention we get the more knowledge will be opened up.

So this year we should work harder than ever on spreading the call for cities! Each of us should work at least 2 hours a week to make this happen.

HERE is the communications OVERVIEW for 2018 with a lot of things each of us can do.

Let’s get to work.

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