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This is about the DISCOURSE our forum.


###Installed solution
Discourse (discourse.org)


See Documentation of URL here.

###Hosted at
Digital Ocean

Payment and Further Hosting Info

###Contracted by (owned by)
Who is the contract?
probably @unteem
and @Lars2i

###Admin (Backend of community.osceday.org)

###Person in Charge (for Updating and Backups)
Who is responsible for pulling back-ups that can be done in the backend of the forum?



How to make changes to hosting? Change the server, billing and so on? Check here. (Request access via @Lars2i @Silvia @sharmarval @cameralibre or @huelfe


###How is the forum sending out emails?
Don’t know.
Got to ask @unteem

###. . .

. . .

#Backup Procedure

With a big hoster like digital ocean I guess it is fair to assume that they have a strong backup procedure in place. But someone should find out.

It is also possible to pull our own backups. Probably someone should do this from time to time. Who is up for it?

@Lars2i pulled a backup from time to time.

addition: @huelfe & @Lars2i ran a session to make the forum run https. After that @huelfe posted:

discourse is running in a docker containter named app

install guide

Discourse Install guide

changing settings set during installation

to change the encryption or mail sending setting the following steps are needed

go to discourse folder
cd /var/discourse/

make copy of settings
cp containers/app.yml containers/app-last.yml

rerun setup

enter url, smpt mail credential and email for lets encrypt
take values from last setting

rebuild discourse to use deploy new settings
stops, rebuilds and launches new app takes some minutes
./launcher rebuild

Btw. I made some minor edits in the CSS to make our forum look a bit better. Most important update I guess is that the font is a bit larger than on a usual discourse forum. All changes here:

/* make font a bit larger everywhere on the forum */

body {
font-size: 15.5px;
line-height: 140%;

/* make line height on front page a bit larger and add a distance between the single category boxes */

.badge-wrapper.box span {
line-height: 1.4;
.category-list td, .category-list th {
line-height: 2;

/* make sure on the frontpage that only the distance between the category boxes is enlarged but not the little discription above it */

div.category-description {
line-height: 1.5;

In general. I think the design on single posts looks good. But if someone has a little bit of time there could be a few improvements added on the front page. Mostly distance between things I guess.

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Great job Lars,

maybe we can discuss farther changes when we meet.

Thank you very much, Michael and Lars. :sunflower:

Hi @Lars2i @huelfe,

Sorry, but I need you help. There two messages in the admin inbox related to Discourse:

  1. A critical update is available. Please upgrade!
  2. Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:
    Your website is using SSL. But force_https is not yet enabled in your site settings.

Can you solve them? If not, should I just solve 1 by doing the upgrade with confidence that I will not damage the forum?

Thank you very much.:sunflower:

Hi @timothee @cameralibre

Could you help me with this? I would appreciate it.

@unteem @Lars2i @huelfe

Hi all,

Asking one more time for help on this. Hopefully, one of you will reply. Thank you.