[DEVELOPMENT] – Open Labs: The Circular City, Nov. 2016 – Organisation & Development

DIF is scheduled between Nov 7 and 25. Please consider this timeline for our events. Please also check with Joe if and how we can schedule outside DIF’s calendar. It matters a lot for the live interaction with DIF’s audience. Thank you.

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I know what you mean. The question was - DIF end at the 25th - which is a Friday. I think we will try to activate a lot of people that will do something that is not their main job - so they need to do events on a weekend. That is the reason that probably also things on the 26th & 27th should be possible (this for example the only date we can make it in Berlin). But you are right - we should communicate the dates of the DIF.

@Frans - I will add the DIF Logo also to the partner section on the main website. Could you ask DIF if we shall or can also place the EMF Logo there?

Just sent the first tweet about the collaboration. What Hashtags do we want to use next to ‘#OSCEdays’ & ‘thinkdif’ (the official hashtag of the DIF)

Do we need one especially for the lab?

###Update: #OpenLabs
@Frans and I met in person and decided that just #lab is the best option as the 3rd hashtag. So please combine #OSCEdays #OpenLabs #thinkdif

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###Video Streams Added
I added video streams as discussed. Let’s open each phase with a public video streaming explaining the phase and introducing the OSCEdays, DIF & Open Labs. I sent over the times to DIF. Maybe there will be some changes.

I redesigned the website –> Ir needed a change.

I also met @Frans and we said that just #labs as the third hashtag is the best option. So please tweet with #OSCEdays #thinkdif #OenLabs

Hello there, so here is my proposal for our communication activities around the Open Labs. Please comment if you have feedback or further ideas, or also write me personally if you want to discuss something in more detail. We will be sending out a first Newsletter this Tuesday morning, I will be posting a text for this later on. Our focus will be first to get our exisiting network activated, and then to get more awareness in broather networks (work the circles from 1 to 4).

Planned communication activities

1 st Circle: OSCE Participants & existing network

  • Personal approach
  • Newsletter (1 announcement, 1 reminder, 1 news-update, 1-wrap up)
  • Set-Up of facebook event, activating facebook group, activating twitter
  • Objective: get OSCE network active around Circular Cities

2nd Circle: Potential participants, network & partners

  • Activating broader network, DIF network, and possible participating organizations
  • Personalized mailing with follow up
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook pages & groups
  • Collaborative communications with DIF
  • Local partnerships & network activating (by local participants)
  • Objective: Get more awareness for OSCE in our broader networks; get more activities outside of OSCE network

3rd Circle: Partner list: Possible future Media Partners, Sponsors

  • Personalized mailing to key partners
  • Objective: partnerships for the future

4th Circle: wider audience of professionals

  • Press events
  • Send out a press release (focus on specialized blogs and media (tech/maker/green), and local media)
  • Objective: Creating media awareness

So, herewith the proposed newsletter text. I could also put it somewhere else and link to it, but like this it’s easier to comment I guess (still got to get used to working with the forum format so this is my trial&error approach :wink: Please feedback and proposals for change till Monday-evening the 24th of October 2016. Off course it will be put in the Mail Chimp newsletter format so will look a bit different. Thanks!

Dear friends,

Herewith we warmly invite you to contribute to our Open Labs on The
Circular City!

Check for more info here: https://oscedays.org/dif-labs-2016/

The Open Labs are a collaboration of the OSCE Days and the
Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF), an open online festival on the Circular
Economy happening from November 7-25, 2016.

The Open Labs are going to be a 3 week long open participatory
online & offline process to develop and implement practical ACTIONS to
research and create The Circular City in cities across the globe.

We have created an easy format to accomplish clear results:
Contributors can write “Action Recipes” for different specific topics, and
participants from different cities can implement these actions in local events.
It is an online community process: OPEN COLLECTION – The Circular City

You are very welcome to join by co-writing an Action Recipe, become
a partner with your organization, and/or plan a local event to bring the recipes
into action!

We are just getting started and will keep you posted about the event
in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or if you are interested to
organize a local event, please get in touch!

##Rewrite 1

META: Great start! I added a few bits to it that I think are necessary to share. Find my new draft below. Just edit the language a bit if you see typos or any other mistakes. Also, if you can think of a shorter title would be cool.

LINKS: I think Mailchimp allows hidden links like this. If not just place the links at the end of the line, maybe like this. | http://oscedays.org

IMAGE? I think Mailchimp allows also Images. Just download an Image of the design from this topic or directly from the design folder (Open Labs).

Ok, here is my new draft:


DIF Collaboration: Join Our Open Online & Offline Lab On The Circular City in November 2016



we have big news! OSCEdays is now permanently open. You can run an event now whenever you want and use the OSCEdays resources and infrastructure for that. Come and play with our new concept of ACTIONS!

And we have already more big news on top! We invite you warmly to contribute to our Open Labs on The Circular City in November 2016. (https://oscedays.org/dif-labs-2016/)

The OSCEdays partnered up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundations Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) 2016 – connecting the DIF audience with the OSCEdays community during a 3 week open online & offline Lab on The Circular City.

From November 7-25, 2016 we develop and implement practical ACTIONS to research and create The Circular City in cities across the globe.

We have created an easy format to accomplish clear results and connect people around the world for productive collaboration: Contributors and Teams can write “ACTION Recipes” for different specific topics, and participants from different cities can implement these ACTIONS in local events happening in the last week of the Labs.

Start the online community collaboration process right HERE. (OPEN COLLECTION – The Circular City)

You are very welcome to join the Open Labs – add to the discussion, create an ACTION Recipe or experiment results in physical events. Partner up with your organization or enthusiasm :slight_smile:

This collaboration with the DIF is a big chance for all of us to introduce big business leaders to the concept of open source online collaboration – and to build bridges and create alliances towards a truly sustainable future on this planet.

We are just getting started and will keep you posted about the Open Labs in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or suggestions check out our FAQ or get in touch. (FAQ – Open Labs: The Circular City – Running November 2016)

Frans & Lars on behalf of BoST ([BoST] OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship – About, Meetings & How To Join)


Open Labs Website Direct Link: https://oscedays.org/dif-labs-2016/ )

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Cool @Frans. I will have a look at it on monday morning. So we can finish it Monday in the evening and send it out on Tuesday morning.

Btw. It would be cool, if you check the website and give feedback for it so I can change urgent stuff on monday before we start with the campaign.

Ah, And one hint. When you create text in text editors and copy it from there to the forum sometimes you get a strange format as a result. I write most stuff in Libre Office. From libre office I copy the text into a .txt document – this erases all formatting information around the text – and from there into the forum. This creates a clean result. Hope this is helpful. I have an empty txt on my desktop for this purpose. Download a clean .txt document here: empty txt doc.txt (0 Bytes)

Hi Lars, thanks for the tips at (3). Here is my Feedback on the Website:

  • Generally it looks quite good for now! If we come up with more things to communicate, we could still change it, right?
  • It would be nice to have a better way to map local events and action recipes so a visitor of the website will have a nice overview later on.
  • The links to the participation guide and the “get in touch” under the “Plus” graphic seem to be inactive?
  • The question is: if we have more partnering organizations, do we treat all logos equal or do we divide between different sorts of partnering organizations?
  • Yes, we evolve it as we go – with ACTIONS, Events and so on. Do you like to have access to it?
  • Will fix the links asap.
  • I would say, yes, let’s treat all logos equal. It is good politics. And reduces the complexity. We will not show all logos anyway. Just a selection. And of course organizations that do a lot and want to be on the list get their spot.

@Frans – I added a few bits to the initial Newsletter text (see above). Cool. We are ready to send it out.

I will work hard to add the Streaming Dates to all subpages, correct the links and publish the little tutorial video for the forum today. So everything is up and running when we send out the Newsletter tomorrow morning.

####Facebook Event
Ah, and @Frans can you post the link to the FB event here, so I can add it to the website.

####Circular City DIF Talks

@BoST or Community – If someone has free time or interest to do it – please go through the DIF schedule and collect all talks or activities related to the ‘Circular City’/‘Regenerative City’ and post it in our ‘Circular City’ topic as a list with dates, maybe even links.

@Lars2i Great, thanks for the new draft! I am creating a draft newsletter now (with hidden links and images) and will send them to test later today.

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Cool. I am out of the house and without internet till 18:00 though.

Okay, good to know, then we are in touch later this evening.

The Facebook Event Page is up!

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Cool. @Frans Could you provide some templates for BoST and others to use to post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Groups and so on? Do you have access to all channels?

@Lars What templates do you mean, other then the design templates already provided by Sam? I have access to Facebook and Twitter, not to Google Groups and the request to the LinkedIn Group is pending.

I mean text for some standard tweets or facebook posts others can just use to spread the link.