OSCEdays DIF collaboration: Design

The final SVGs and PNGs can now be found under OpenLabs in the Design Files folder.

Posting quickly because I have to run and catch a train!
@Lars2i and I met to discuss design for what we are tentatively calling OpenLabs: The Circular City.
Drafts are here, feel free to play with the SVG to try out different colours and layouts, or make suggestions.
The grey was just a ‘default’ not specifically chosen). The purple is the DIF purple.
or with different colours:

or another style direction:

logo: 1st circle looks a bit psychedelic, 2nd one like a child’s windmill
I’m missing the circularity: one feeds into the other.
colourwise: second one has nicest colours, i’m not fond of the current trend of dark gray, but that’s personal taste

ah, yes, I should mention what the two symbols are: the one on the left is the DIF design, the one on the right one of the OSCEdays rosettes. I don’t disagree, just adding more info.


I played a bit with the colors and structure and here is where I landed.

I know what you will say: The DIF purple does not mix well with all OSCEdays colors. But I find the combination of the purple and the OSCEdays colors to have a certain edgy happiness that I find pretty appealing - and appropriate! :slight_smile:

Look at it for a while (I did) it’s fun.


(2) larger circles






SVG Download:

Ah, I switched places between OSCEdays and DIF Logo to show that DIF is in lead here.

More appealing than dark blue or dark grey. I think happiness and fun should be key. And maybe even edginess. That’s how we add value to DIF and make a difference, maybe.

I am out for tomorrow. Will be back on Monday and look at your iterations.

In that case the Logo should be fully visible. Do we have a more circular OSCEdays rosette? I haven’t been into the design too much so far.

Yes it does, I find it rather suitable to have them stand apart and be connected in such a way to illustrate the collaborative aspect of this event. The equal size of the circles puts us on par with them, is that correct? Maybe play a bit more with the proportions (logs/writing, distance to the black logos on the right…)

J & I tried out a few more options for the layout. Option A & D utilize the OSCEdays modular pieces but follow the cog-like design of the circular DIF element. In no particular order:

Option A:


Option B:


Option C:


Option D:


Option E:

Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning!

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Mmh. I don’t know. I find all of those pretty confusing. And it triggers Halloween-associations; dark dark fairy tales, scary beetlejuice like atmosphere

It is strong. But is it suiting?

I am regarding color atmosphere still in favor of my version.

Maybe you could try this one and use a lot more of the dark OSCEdays blue to give it a stronger and clearer feel.

It should invite people to this process.

Maybe if a light grey comes in use it should be just a clear one like ‘dddddd’ to reduce the spooky atmosphere?

If you have the time, create 2 or 3 more iterations and tonight in the BoST call we will look at it.

OK, thanks for the feedback, I’ll create new versions and have them online in a couple of hours!

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thx. Ah, and check if the ‘OPEN’ really needs to be bold. I found it to working in normal font as well and beeing a bit clearer.

OK, I tried it with OPEN as Open, and I think I prefer it. I’ve included both bold and normal Opens.

1017_A:(Lars’ color scheme)


1017_C: (1016_C, revised, with more dark blue)


Hey there, generally I quite like the playful designs so far, and I am sure we get to a good final design-decision rather quick…

I have a discussion point about the “Open Labs” naming: I quite like it all in all, but it introduces two new key elements to communicate (ext to OSCE and DIF): 1. Open labs; 2. The Circular City. It kind of introduces “Open Labs” as a new brand or series of Lab activities…is this on purpose?

I would prefer it if we could find a way where we focus attention to one element to communicate…

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Looks great, good work. I think my personal preference would be A > C > B of this latest iteration. Agree with Maike that B was best of original set.

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@cameralibre jeai, I think we are going somewhere.

@Frans – Good call. Let’s discuss this later in todays call in depth. But maybe yes – Open Lab – could be something, OSCEdays is doing from time to time. To put focus on a subject for example. And to engage in partnerships.

Open Labs: SUBCJECTA collaboration between X & X & OSCEdays.

I’ll add it to the Agenda.

I loved the “Halloween” versions, but from the new designs 1017_A is the best imo

I also liked the “Halloween” ones…but of the recent ones I like them in bold in this order: A > B > C

I’d say: not too many circles

@sharmarval does it mean A over B over C or A smaller than B …

I prefer C. It is the most interesting of the three, and color-wise it doesn’t hurt. A is also okay. B is way too pink/purple to my taste. The bold “Open” works best.

A over B over C…changed the symbol. Thanks.