Create infinite resources together with Future of Waste

Future of Waste an Inspiration for the OSCEdays

I am glad to introduce you to FutureOfWaste, a dedicated program within MakeSense, that inspired the OSCEdays and got me to meet some of the core team members of OSCEdays.

MakeSense is a challenge-solving community that has been mobilizing actors around the world for 4 years to help social entrepreneurs. While over 20 000 volunteers have been working on 820 challenges proposed by social entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries, they faced a great diversity of projects. Projects that deal more and more with initiatives that combines innovation, social impact and waste recovery.

Starting from that observation, MakeSense decided to create a program called Future of Waste, dedicated to waste reduction, transformation and recovery, in partnership with SUEZ environment. While using and adapting MakeSense tools, like the challenge-solving workshops, Future of Waste has gathered more than 400 people to help innovators that transform waste into resources. In a year, around 50 workshops were facilitated to help more than 20 projects.

Concretely Future of Waste is about challenge solving, getting people together and creating connections. Its about promoting one’s initiative and finding new tools to accelerate initiatives. You probably figured it out, Future of Waste is a great source of inspiration and an active partner in the OSCEdays.

FoW a connector and a toolbox
As I was traveling last year during the Future Of Waste Northern Europe Tour I got in touch with Lars Zimmermann. One call later, a connection with Sharon in London - and here we were the OSCEdays were born. Future of Waste did not only enable the first connections that gave birth to the OSCEdays but also provides tools to facilitate workshops. Indeed, in MakeSense and consequently in the FoW program, the volunteers use the “hold-up” the methodology, a 3h design thinking workshop to solve an innovator’s challenge. Future of Waste is happy to share its experience and train you so you can become an expert in workshop facilitation. You can join, Future of Waste’s training or watch it later.

Future of Waste its also a platform,, where you can post your challenge and get people on board to help you on a daily basis. Check out their next events, don’t miss it or get help to set your own event in your city. Antoine is here to help you >