How to facilitate a workshop with Future of Waste

Future of Waste organize online trainings for its community and for the OSCEdays

Join the online training to learn:

  • How to organise a Hold up : a 2 hours brainstorming session that help social entrepreneurs solve challenges such as naming a product, launching a communication or a crowdfunding campaign
  • How to organize a NoWaste remix : a 2 to 4 hours methodology to define how to prevent, collect and transform the production of waste in a working space or during an event
  • How to organize a WasteNetwork Remix : a 2 to 3 hours workshop to help create synergies between all the players who can deal with a specific material

Register here:

Monday 1st of June 12pm CEST:
Antoine Delaunay

Friday 5th of June 12pm CEST:
Antoine Delaunay

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If you want to register for one of those free online training, register here ;