Core team - team building

Just an area for the core OSCEdays team ( @Lars2i @cameralibre @unteem & @sharmarval to explore possibilities and organisation for a pre-event F2F meet-up. Suggestions welcome from others, and hey if in the area…!

Initial idea was to be in London 24th - 26th April

Topics include:

Agenda - Core OSCEdays topics & planning to focus on (will be good to have a venue to do this in)

  • Global communication/ collaboration aspects
  • Longer-term sustainability

Itinerary - Intro, to people organisations and related places in London while visiting e.g.


  • Spare rooms/ sofas

to be continued…

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I would be interested in joining the Edgeryders/unMonastery meetup 10am-12pm on Sunday.
It might not seem too relevant to OSCE at first, but for me there are good reasons to go:

  • The Edgeryders network is very aligned with our own, in terms of skills, interests, structure and values, so there are likely a number of potential collaborations, at least for the London event, if not OSCEdays generally.
  • There has recently been a lot of tension (and a bit of a public bust-up) amongst Edgeryders / unMonastery, about identity, about earning money, about transparency and stewardship of projects - these are exactly the kind of problems we want to avoid, or at least have a method for dealing with these problems when they come up, so I’d like to learn as much as I can from the participants.

If this of interest to others?

Also I’m very keen for Fab Fridays!

Sounds like a useful thing to do Sam. I probably wouldn’t be able to go for the whole thing, but could go for a couple of hours…maybe.

Do people know that Fab Friday needs to be registered for? cc @unteem @Lars2i

I know now, and I just registered. Thanks!

Lest folk spend too much time underground, we should pick some spots to meet…

Sugarhouse Studios could be an option for Saturday day-time. It’s spacious and I think they do vegan pizza! It’s in a bit of a funny location though.
@TechnicalNature we could ask Ande if we can have a room at The Fab Lab.
Otherwise there are lots of spacious pub/cafe’s on Shoreditch High Street and around that we could use during the day and similarly lots of pubs nearby for the evening.
The Southbank is always a staple too
Could also try Sommerset House (where the Makerversity is housed)

Some evening pub options:
Indo on Whitechapel Road is great
The Three Compasses near Dalston Kingsland
The Reliance near Old Street is spacious but not so nice
The Crate in Hackney Wick
The Approach Hackney Wick, has that room upstairs
Electric Showroom is where Cleanweb meet and is quite spacious too

Or if it’s sunny we could sit in the park.

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Will check out if I can reserve a largish spot at the Electricity Showrooms for the Friday evening as is pretty handy and known - the back bit would be good. Will update the invite in the London Forum and send out/ tweet etc to connections and wider .