[COMMUNITY MAIL, June 9, 15] - OSCEdays Live-Streams – Announcement

Sent to all local organizers and media persons 2 days before the event.

Read this in the forum: [COMMUNITY MAIL, June 9, 15] - OSCEdays Live-Streams – Announcement

Hi All,

as most of you already know, the OSCEdays will have a rich program of live-streams with show&tell-interviews from cities and talks from great experts. So interested people from all over the world as well as local communities can follow what is happening :slight_smile:

You can see the overview of this live-stream-program here: http://oscedays.org/live-stream

If you don’t see your city there yet, it is because you still haven’t announced a media person and sent a date. But you still can do (send it to me) [COMMUNITY MAILS May & June 15] - Global Reporting! Infos about video interviews for local organizers OSCEdays15 - [GR15]

In Shenzhen the OSCEdays Shenzhen caught the intention of the government. So they will have a opening ceremony joined by some high profile politicians. We thought, it would be a great opportunity for a first live-video connection. Please join. If you are a local organizer, this is the chance to say some words of greetings to some Chinese government officials. The Opening Ceremony will be on Thursday June 11 at 2:30 am UTC. If you plan to join this call, please ping us here in the announcement of it: 1st Connection! & SHENZHEN Opening Ceremony

The “official” opening of the OSCEdays will also be streamed live. The opening will just be a casual video-hangout with the 6 people who started the OSCEdays and worked hard to make the global event happen. We will all just say hi and share our ideas and wishes for the OSCEdays. And after we have done this, you are all invited to do the same. Join the call and tell the community about your idea and motivation. Lets start to be a community.

This call will happen on WEDNESDAY June 10, 7 pm UTC. If you plan to join us and say a few words, please let us know by ping us here in this thread: OSCEdays OPENING Stream – Wed. June 10, 7PM UTC

Do you want to stream things live to the community? Please do. Create a live-channel and send us over the link to it so we can post it on the live-stream-page. More instructions about this can be found there http://oscedays.org/live-stream

Thank you,

And I am happy to see many of you soon :slight_smile: