CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

Hi @BoST

exciting news! @cameralibre and I met today Johnny Kerkhof in Berlin. Johnny was the local organizer in Nijmegen last year and will do an event there this year too. He is super well connected with the incredible circular economy landscape in the Netherlands and has has a head full of ideas for the OSCEdays. So he will join our provisional Board of Stewaredship! Jeai.

Here is Johnny together with Gijs, on of his students.

So from now on, when everyone joins, we are 10+ people in the calls. It looks like Skype can handle that (hangouts is limited to 9). But it may be that we have in the next call to overcome some tech difficulties first.

@Silvia @sharmarval @Jaime – Johnny has some interesting ideas regarding funding as well.


welcome Johnny & Gij and Julia,

Lars, why don’t we use

I have been using it on other meetings. It can take up to 20 people and has record button built into it.


Ah, cool. We could look into it if Skype stops working for us.

Great! Some super ideas here! Welcome @Johnny_Kerkhof @juliap


Hi all, btw. I found a new twist or a better way to communicate.

I always found it strange to talk about “cities”. “We have 26 cities”. It is pretentious! It is not a whole city joining the OSCEdays.

Instead I will more often say “There are 26 local events in 26 cities”.

Maybe you like that better too.

###OSCEdays at GreenFest in Portugal in October 2016

Hi @BoST ,

just got off the phone with Pedro in Portugal. Pedro is the Organizer of GreenFest - the biggest Sustainability event in Portugal (20 000 ppl, many different areas like speakers corner, UniverCity, Factory, creative crowd … a lot of partners in media, politics, industry, making, education and so on). This years subject is “Circular Economy” and the country on the spot is the Netherlands. They are keen to have an OSCEdays event inside of Greenfest - so a whole area dedicated to Open Source for Circular Economy, that basically uses the OSCEdays event methodology and platform. The date for their event is October 6-9. They will also try to fly in some people from us/our community to be part of that event - and help with talks, challenges, documentation etc.

We have spoken before about that just one event per year is not enough and that we would love to see the infrastructure used for several events throughout the year. I think this is the perfect possibility to launch this.

They will need a little document with “best practices” - how to set up an OSCEdays event. We have spoken about this document before and I will start to create one soon, because we need it anyway.

Let’s discuss on monday in the BoST call about it. How to advertise it and stuff.

One last thing: If you click on the page of Greenfest you will see “Monsanto” - I forgot to ask about the partnership with Monsanto in the call but asked about it in an email later. So we should have some information about it by Monday. I think we ow it to our community to have that clear.

Here is a PDF document about their event last year

###Update on “Monsanto”
Email: "Don’t worry about Monsanto… [It is not the company] …

In Portugal , Monsanto is a green park. lol, lol , and there is also a
village up in the north called Monsanto . Nothing to do with the
multinational with the same name…

Monsanto Park is the largest Lisbon green park where we are going to
organize, as GreenFest, a two days event for the very first time."


Hi, just added this to discuss in the next meeting. Share it here also so we can start to think about it already in the back of our heads.

##2 Another Time Schedule for BoST Calls?
I was talking to Melanie Tan from Singapore. She is the Lead Sustainable Innovation Unit at Sl2 and well connected in South-East-Asia around Circular Economy questions. I told her about the BoST because we really need to connect it to Asia and she got really exited. Till we learned that the meetings are for her at 4 in the morning. … I think we need to rearrange the times for the meetings somehow. But I don’t really have an idea. Maybe altering. 9am CET / 9pm CET … So we could grab everyone? – Of course, than not everyone could be there always. This would force us into more written exchange - not that bad - and we could also form little sub-groups that connect on important questions upfront and speak than to the rest of the group. …

Ah, and one more thing. How about this as an OSCEdays tagline:

“A global event & community to create open resources & possibilities for a global shift towards a circular economy.”

Hi @BoST
I was chatting with Melanie Tan - from Singapore (see 2 comments before). And she is very interested to join us - and get even up at 4 am - once :slight_smile: – I think this is phantastic as she seems well connected to part of Asia and we are lacking completely a connection to Asia at the moment.

Hi @BoST

We got feedback from the court … and it is negative. They demand changes in our statutes. And this means that the whole process will take much longer :-((((( … Worst case scenario we have to do the founding meeting again. Sxxx!

And it is my mistake. I missed to copy the passages from the Wikimedia Satzung (§5 (3) & (3a)).

Hi @BoST

Regarding altering the time of the BoST Calls to allow everyone across the globe to plug in. Melanie wrote back. For her

11 CET (10 GMT) = 18 Singapore Time - would work.

Does this work for you? Anyone would prefer an hour earlier or later?

If noone brings something up let’s go with altering between 20:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT. And let’s start with next Monday already.

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Hello guys,

Next monday I won’t be available in the morning (it’s a french holiday and will be away).

If we can move it to tuesday morning, I’ll be able to do it. Either way, I will be available for next one in the morning.

Hey, yes, same for me. It’s Easter Monday so I won’t be available either.


@JayKay wrote an email, that he won’t join either.

So we are already down to 5 - maybe viewer.

The question is, would it work for you if we make it next week in the evening and start with the morning session in April? Can you join Easter-evening?

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Hi. I was talking to @simonlee from the CRCLR lab today and it looks like the lab is willing to sponsor us by dedicating the 50% of the time of one of their future interns to global OSCEdays.



i created this right now - let’s discuss it during the next Call (but feedback also welcome here)


###The new founding meeting will be at May 3

will keep you updated about that

Hi, looks like we are going to have the precious plastic guy and project present at OSCEdays Berlin. Running 2 challenges.


I think this would be a good candidate for the opening ceremony.

wow. today is a good day for global OSCEdays :slight_smile: Just got a phone call from Franz Narada - a very active openness person from Austria. And he is interested in helping us/setting something up video-wise to connect all OSCEdays cities.


I’ll think of something and have a call with him in the coming days. But if you have ideas…


Noemi (from Edgeryders, and organising OSCEdays in Sibiu) is currently working on the City of Culture 2020 bid for Galway, in Ireland. She asked if we would be interested in potentially partnering on an unMonastery-like project and a travelling sustainability festival, should their bid be successful. The project is called PILGRIM, and it’s organised by An Áit Eile.
It seems like it could be a good fit. Any offer of support is entirely non-binding, so I just wrote them a letter of intent saying that we would be interested. If they win the bid, we can discuss if/how we want to be involved.