Changing Discourse Design

in the BoST Call from Apr. 9 @Nikusha proposed to change the style/design of the forum. Make it more look like the sandbox discourse:

And the Open Source Design forum looks also like this:

If you are all for it. I like the idea. Discourse has changed its design since we have set up ours. And ours used to be the better configuration. But the new design of the regular discourse is now different.

The only problem I could forsee is that we work a lot with subcategories. The discourse sandbox does not. But you can check the open source design one for subcategories. They have one under “Events” called “Local Meetups”. But when you click on “Events” you only see a list.

This would make it quite hard to find for example a category like “Energy” or “Havana” quickly - categories that have not been used for a while.

Not sure. What do you think?