[CHALLENGES LONDON 2015] - Summary of what you can get involved in

London based challenges for an Open Source Circular Economy

Want to join us in exploring, prototyping and creating for an open source circular economy? Then have a look at the Challenge list below and get contributing online or join us offline at OSCE days London or at a Satellite event. Perhaps you have an idea or could contribute to one of these as an expert? Please get in touch.

Headline Challenges

These challenges will form the main briefs for the design challenge workshop from the 12th to 14th of June at the Fab Lab London - Links to the details of each and where the collaboration can begin will be added once these are posted online. watch this space!

1. Circular Maker Places

The Great Recovery

2. Trust is not a waste

The Rubbish Diet & The People’s Design Lab

3. Open Energy Life Cycles

Open Energy Monitor

4. Things Designed for a Wearable Life

The Knowledge Transfer Network

Satellite Challenge

These challenges will be worked on during the OSCEdays and are working/ connect under the ethos, values and mission.

1. Design & make open source urban furniture for public spaces

… ( Public Space Makers )

2. Contribute to ones globally from around the world Challenges

How we’re posting them

We’ll be posting the challenges with information under the following headings below. We want to make sure the brief is a recognised shared need and what we work on will contribute to moving the Circular Economy forward via Open Source principles ( or even solving!) While also recognising that we don’t want to constrain too much. Who knows where ideas and creativity may take us!

Working Title:

- Key challenger:
- Challenge reviewers:
- Themes:

Problem Statement/Ideal Situation

Envisioned outcomes



Who should the results, approach, solution be aimed at/ for?

… as a wiki
Partners/ Key Stakeholders
Who may be good to lead, link up, engage with to use, communicate, fund?

Relevant Research/Data/ Inspiration

How we’re documenting them

Coming soon…