[Challenge|Project] Can one garment save the world?

##Wer sind wir / Who are we
Easy Piece Open World Collaboration is an emerging international, inter-disciplinary project that will investigate whether it’s possible to replace unsustainable, opaque global fast fashion with ultra slow, transparent, local, circular and ethical true fashion culture, by creating versatile, high value character pieces deriving from one simple universal agender creative commons pattern, and still keeping it fun, appealing and fierce.

Website: www.easypiece.net
Contact: Runa Juhanisdotter

##Kurzbeschreibung / Short Description
Brainstorming workshop: How to create a global Easy Piece know-how network and community - of designers, customers, craftspeople, scientists, artists, activists, journalists/bloggers and sales venues - through open source for discussions, skill sharing, showcasing and sales. (The platform could potentially be extended to serve as a base for info and sales of independent, ethical and sustainable fashion in general?)

A mini pilot collection by Swedish and Berlin based designers/craftivists is in progress and will be presented at OSCE Days.

##Ressourcen / Resources
The project will officially be launched at OSCE Days and link to the open source primordial pattern made available along with tutorial and documentation of process.