[Challenge] How to make the ReThink Festival a glocal event?

##Wer sind wir / Who are we

ReFashionReFood is an open platform and annual festival promoting sustainability and circularity in food and fashion. Our mission is to find DIY micro-solutions for macro-problems. We are artists, activists, researchers, journalists, students, and designers who offer workshops, performances, dinners, parties, and discussions on DIY culture, upcycling, waste cooking, craftivism, organic farming, and intercultural exchange.

Using fun and manageable tools, we educate and empower local communities to seek interdisciplinary, collaborative methods of addressing global environmental and social imbalances.

The annual ReThink festival happens in Berlin, Germany; Borås, Sweden; and soon, Los Angeles, California.

##Kurzbeschreibung / Short Description

After two happy editions of the festival in Berlin and Borås, we see it’s a working, easily replicated concept and a fun, inclusive tool to engage people for social change. The small, intimate format is part of the success and we see no need to grow locally. We will instead make the concept creative commons and are looking for smart, low budget ways to hook up with and spread the recipy to other communities around the world.

##Wann / When

Sunday, July 2 - 12.30 - 13.30

##Ressourcen / Resources

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